Does home schooling make kids socially awkward?

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  • Of Course, Homeschooled Kids Are Inferior In Social Skills

    Me and my mates host bonfires often. We usually have a tight knitted group, but occasionally, another person comes around. They are usually friendly and fun to hang around. One day, this guy came to our camp. We had never seen him before. Behind him were his parents' car. His parents drove him there. We tried to talk to him, but failed. He would just not respond. It was later when we found he was homeschooled. Homeschooling isolates the child and doesn't let them have experiences of their own. They have no independence and are very shy. I'm sure a lot of those types are on this site.

  • It depends on a lot of things.

    As a public school teacher, MOST of the kids that I have seen transition into public schooling aren't necessarily "awkward" they just don't know many of the social boundaries that most other kids typically don't cross. The few exceptions I have seen have been kids whose parents have had them enrolled in other social functions while being home schooled, so that they got that social outlet. Some of the behaviors I have observed that I previously referred to are things like taking without asking (because at home, who cares?) poor dress and hygiene (because at home, who cares?) asking private or personal questions openly (because at home, who cares?) yelling and screaming in public (because at home, I'm sure someone cares, but usually not enough to discipline it effectively). I actually am a huge supporter of home schooling, and me and my wife intend on home schooling our little rugrats, but like everything else there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Alot of time, parents tend to keep their kids at home in the hopes providing them with a superior education, but then soon realize what a chore it is and how much they would rather be doing other things, and then throw their kids in to public schools to play "make-up."

  • Home schooling kids does make them socially awkward.

    Home schooling does make kids socially awkward for many reasons. For one, they dont know how to interact with kids that go to public schools, since they only talk to there parents, or the adult that goes to their house to educate them. Second, if they do interact with kids that arent home schooled, they could say awkward things and get bullied.

  • Yes, but it's not all bad.

    It helps if they are allowed to watch t.V or do social actives. But I dated two of them, and it absolutely affects social reasoning and skills. But doesn't mean the "awkward" is a bad thing. They see the world differently is all. Also, they seem to be self taught which is a skill public school children do not have. I have seen them and there siblings struggle to "fit-in", or articulate their feelings.

    In conclusion:Yes, it's not all bad, but I can tell a difference.

  • How Would It?

    If they have been to school, then you took them out. I don't think it would.
    If they have a social device or something they proabably still contact their friends.
    The only reason to know,
    If they don't hang out with friends that much they proabably are,
    But if they do, they are not.

  • Contrary to popular belief, it's a popular-believed myth.

    Many consider that homeschooling, you're at home, doing school without spending time with other kids and then speculate that this implies that they're less social. Last time I checked, school is about learning the classes. When people talk about socializing, they think of movies, restaurants, etc. They (should) think of school as work, preparing for their future. When it comes to socialization, homeschoolers are actually MORE sociable than public schoolers, according to scientific statistics. For example, the Washington Times reports, "In all areas of life, from gaining employment, to being satisfied with their home-schooling, to participating in community activities, to voting, home-schoolers were more active and involved than their public school counterparts" (http://www.Washingtontimes.Com/news/2009/dec/13/home-schooling-socialization-not-problem/). I challenge anyone to give one reliable study with statistics (not just speculation) that shows homeschoolers being LESS social than their public schooled counterparts.

    I debated this topic before, and it resulted in my opponent's only hope of winning to be to discredit statistics altogether (http://www.Debate.Org/debates/The-public-school-system-is-academically-and-socially-superior-to-homeschooling/1/)!

  • No it does not

    Social awkward-ness is a child by child baseist. I have seen kids in public school who were so awkward everyone assumed they were homeschooled before hand but they were not. Also it depends on the kids past, maybe something made them socially awkward before. But homeschooling would never make them socially awkward, it would make them even better situated because Homeschoolers have more respect for other people because they can meet more people than just the same people in the class room 8 hours aday

  • It's not homeschooling.

    What is making them "socially awkward" is other things.
    Take me for example. I go to a regular school. But I'm about as "socially awkward" as you can get. It's not because of my form of education, it's my interests and differences.
    Here are a list of things that can make a kid "socially awkward":
    1) lack of time with others. Homeschooling may not include tons of interaction, but their are sports and neighborhoods and other stuff that are where you meet people.
    2) differences. Do you have a different religion? Are you into this or that? Etc.
    3) social steriotypes. Are you a nerd (hey look it's me!)? Are you a geek? These names extend outside the classroom and can become boundaries, so to speak, for capabilities.

  • Home schooled children are the same as any other

    I myself used to be home schooled, and now am in a public high school. I had absolutely no trouble adapting to the changes at all, in fact, I became one of the "popular" kids. I've seen lots of public schooled kids who are very socially awkward, so it can't be home schooled that does that. It just depends on the type of person and what their situation is at home and life.

  • Depends on the child

    It depends a lot on the child, and how they would cope with the situation. It also helps children get used to people who have had differences in their life or are more intelligent or less so . It shouldn't make a difference where the child has learnt the information.

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