Does homeschooling make children more socially awkward?

  • Many people believe

    That when done correctly homeschooling can be a social experience. I would like to point out that home schooling can be social, but it is overall about half as social as regular schooling. A lot of homeschoolers that I have met in clubs, youth group, classes, drama have been labeled the socially awkward kids. People say homeschoolers get to evade the negative experiences of middle school and high school. I say they still go through them at any rate, but they are just oblivious to them. They are socially awkward, and everyone else can see it but them.

  • Definitely

    I am all for homeschooling, however it does contribute to being socially awkward. There is NO way you can have a complete social experience without going to school with hundreds of totally diverse kids. If I went to school at home I can assure you that I would have NO idea how to deal with ANYONE.

  • Kids Do Not get The Same Social Experience

    When a child is home schooled, they usually have a sibling or two with them, but that's all. Kids who are at school meet more people, and they have a lot more social experiences than other kids. Children who are home schooled might be in a couple of clubs, but those only happen a couple times a week. That cannot compare to the exposure kids get from being with kids their age for six hours a day. School is a social as well as a learning experience for kids. It helps them connect, and gives them social experience home schooling cannot.

  • Does homeschooling make children more socially awkward

    The question was does homeschooling create awkwardness in a child. Yes! School is a social setting where you have to adapt to everything around you. Not just your family or rules in your household. I think homeschooling is awesome. It takes an awesome parent to do it. However I think what's important here is to have balance. I think someone mentioned it already but putting your child in some sort of club or having outside "the home" activities will help them deal with things out of their norm.

  • My experiences with homeschooled children.

    In my life, I have met around 20 people who were homeschooled. My main problem is that they seem to be shy, sheltered from the world, and anxious about social interaction. Really, they just seem to have a creepy, bug-eyed air about them. Are there confident, outgoing, and socially confident homeschooled people out there? Probably. I've never personally met any, however.

  • I was a home schooled child.

    I was already a shy child, so when I was home schooled for 2 and a half years between 2nd and 4th grade, and then when I went back to public school, I was by far the awkwardest kid in my class. It has been that way off and on to present day (11th grade) I have improved my social skills, but I am still very shy, and awkward. For example, let's say if I'm in a class where I don't know anybody, there's a good chance that I'm going to be that quiet, awkward kid, all year long, because I can't pursue other kids, and make friends for the life of me, and it's extremely painful knowing that I can't do anything about it. Instead I'm stuck, just being aware of how awkward I am, and sitting there in silence, wishing I could be the out going person I want to be. Hopefully I will somehow emerge into that person I know I could be, because I remember being told how fun high school is supposed to be, and I'm almost 3/4 done with it, and yet to experience any of that excitement.

  • From Personal Experience

    I went to public school most of my life and I have to say it was very social. 7th grade was my last year in public school. And now in 8th grade I am home schooled. I have to say, its a lot faster than regular school but nothing compares to 7 to 8 hours a day of school where you are surrounded by hundreds of people. Homeschooling CAN be a social experience, but out of all the home schoolers I have met, none of them are nearly as social, experienced or well trained in the aspects of social situations. Overall I say homeschooling ,at the maximum, is half as social as regular school. I have learned how to refuse drugs, sex, and alchohal because I went to public school, all of the homeschoolers I know, if faced with the situations I have been in, would most likely scamper and hide.

  • Home schooling can make a child more socially awkward.

    Home schooling can make a child more socially awkward. If you have a child that is shy and does not have good social skills then home schooling can have a negative impact in that area. A home schooled child is more likely to have less interactions with other kids, therefore the child cannot develop their social skills as much as a child in a public school.

  • I don't know if that is the case but ok

    Look it is too late for me but if your in homeschool and your mom and dad have to work a lot your not going to get a lot of time to socialize and hang out with friends so please save yourself and go back to public school! And rip it.

  • Adult life is really hard

    I was homeschooled my entire life and it’s made it very hard for me to interact with other people my age or older. I end up overstepping social boundaries or so scared that I will do/say something weird that I just don’t talk at all. It’s very uncomfortable. In hindsight, I wish that I would’ve at least gone to high school. I think that having some social interaction would’ve made transitioning into adulthood a little less painful.

  • Not when done correctly.

    The fact is, the average child in a traditional school setting has very little time to socialize. Throughout the entire six hour school day, maybe an hour is spent on social activities. The homeschooled child that has co-ops, outside activities and belongs to a homeschooling group is actually given many more chances to interact with people than a child in a traditional school.

  • Social experience is about quality time

    Social is not just a concept of quantity but more importantly quality. You can put a child within 100 other kids and the social experience he or she gains is not 100 times more than another child who is only play with one friend. It is inaccurate for a lot of parents to think that their kids are socialized purely because their kids are mixed with a lot of other kids. When bigger group of kids play freely the chance is high that they'll pass along some bad habits because good habits always need some sort of discipline. Selected play mates and parents can provide best quality of social experience. This is something the traditional school can never provide. I can picture that if all the kids were home schooled some of the social problems such as drugs etc could be much less.

  • Homeschoolers just have to work harder at it!

    I am a homeschooled teenager. I have lots of friends and a girlfriend. My social life is awesome. Think for a second, homeschoolers don't just walk into a building everyday and eventually make friends. They have to work harder to have friends and be more outgoing. That is why everywhere I go, I make friends. It is just the way I grew up.

  • If The Child Is Involved Socially In Clubs Instead They Will Do Better

    In that case the child's social skills may develop better. I came into college very socially awkward, because I had been bullied and excluded a lot in middle and high school and that sapped by self-esteem. Had I been homeschooled I would not have been exposed to that and would've had more self-esteem to go and involve myself in various clubs and organizations. A child in a school is stuck if they are bullied or excluded by other children. A child who is homeschooled and socializes outside of school can walk away from bullies they encounter and start over somewhere new. One might argue that it's good practice to deal with difficult people but realistically nobody is going to ever meet and socialize with everyone in the world. Socializing in clubs with more of a specific focus on some interest can help the child get to know who they really are and what kind of people they wish to associate themselves with as adults.

  • No, children are socially advanced

    Home-schooled kids interact with all different ages of people. Public school kids are isolated with the same aged kids for twelve years. Furthermore, public school kids only learn the values of the state controlled prison camp/ mind control camp. Take responsibility for your children and educate them before you lose them to the state.

  • No, people can be socially awkward in school too.

    I was socially awkward in school and I hung out with other socially awkward people. We were all bullied and depressed. Oh, some say but you got a tough skin right? No, I was a jaded and angry young adult. Eventually, I grew out of it. While I think school can be a great experience; I don't think you need it to learn social skills. It does not always teach good social skills or any for all that matters. I home school my kids, but I didn't always. We moved to a really bad school district. I hasn't really made my children any less friendly, polite and "sociable" to be at home. They have pen pals, internet friends, neighbors, playgrounds, sports, field trips and a whole world of activity to get to know lots of different people.

  • We actually try to make friends

    I'm homeschooled and sometimes I think that I'm more social than other teens my age. I hang out with "normal" teens all the time and even they say that I'm pretty outgoing. It all depends on the person......There are more socially awkward teens that I know that were "regular" schooled then of my friends that are homeschooled.

  • Not in our case

    I have a young daughter I am currently home schooling her. She is outgoing and easy to make friends with other kids. Since she spends a lot of time with me when I go out to do my things she is also quite used to dealing with grown ups. She attends gym class, art class and swim once a week where she meets her friends in those classes. She also practices piano at home. She also has a couple of selected play mates getting together once or twice each week. The reason that she can afford such a busy social life is that she is home schooled and she only needs to spend about 1.5 hour each day on academic stuff. She is now 6 and half years old and is doing grade 3 math and reading junior novels and with her social skills to match.

  • There are socially awkward kids everywhere.

    I knew many "socially awkward" kids in public school, they were also known as the geeks, nerds, outcasts, you name it. Of course you'll find some "socially awkward" kids that are homeschooled. I myself would have been considered "socially awkward" and was public schooled the entire time. The difference between socially awkward kids in school and at home is that those in school unfortunately suffer through labeling, which isn't socially healthy for them, while those socially awkward kids at home get time to mature and grow while experiencing other outlets for true healthy socialization.

  • Not in my case.

    I am homeschooled and will be a junior next year. Right now I am the lead in a musical, have an. Attractive boyfriend, tons of friends, and people compliment my fashion sense. So it is possible to live a successful social life while being homeschooled. :) however I have seen many times homeschooled kids that are "socially awkward" simply because they do not spend time with regular schooled kids.

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