Does homework assist (yes) or impede (no) a child's learning?

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  • Kids need homework.

    While I'm certain many children who have to do homework would argue that it impedes learning, we all know that's a pretty transparent excuse for just not wanting to do the work. The fact is that children need homework in the evening and on weekends to learn as much as possible.

  • Homework is the whetstone that trains a childs mind.

    Homework is to the mind the way that a whetstone is to a knife. Homework helps students stay sharp and keep their attention focused. It is a great way for a student to keep learning and keep pushing forward with their education. Without it I think we would have students worse off.

  • Yes, homework teaches independence.

    Yes, homework assists a child's learning, because it reinforces what is learned in the classroom. Homework helps a child work through material on their own. Once the child has done the homework, they feel like they have mastered the material. Homework is also a more active way to learn than simply listening to what someone else has to say.

  • Homework Helps Children

    I believe homework helps children. I believe children have a hard time understanding the benefits of homework as they are doing it, but for me, it seems to help cement ideas in the head. I think homework can cover a variety of styles and helps children retain the information they gather in the classroom.

  • Homework Helps Students Work Independently

    Homework helps students think outside the box and work independently of a teacher. Homework helps a teacher assess how well students follow directions while learning on their own. Even though it takes more time, homework fosters independent learning and assertive thinking on the part of the pupil so as to make them less reliant on other people for their educational enlightenment.

  • Homework is hurting children.

    Many studies have shown that too much homework for kids is actually lowering test grades, not improving them. A review of a national test proved this. Many children also drop out of high school due to homework problems, and problems at home caused by homework. After school activities are also crucial to a child's creativity and happiness. If children had too much homework, it would actually hurt them and not give them a full childhood.

  • Homework is needed to keep a good mind

    Home work is needed to keep a strong mind and help kids brain kids also need home work because its good for them kids these days all they do is play video games and watch tv homework keeps the mind active when other things dont thats why we need homework.

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