• Homework is an important part of studying.

    Homework can help us remember what we learned in school. If there wasn't any homework we would always just play with our friends and not do anything to help better ourselves. In the classroom there are so many things to study, so we don't have enough time to study everything there. We need to spend time at home studying as well as in the classroom. When we are done with homework then we can play.

    Age: 11

    Posted by: Suji
  • It helps them practice.

    Practice make perfect. This is why teachers give students homework. So we can get better. They are just helping us learn things we will need in the future. They do not give homework just to be mean. They are trying to help their students and make the world a better place.

  • Plenty of benefits

    Doing homework is for reviewing what we have learned in the lessons at school, we shouldn't ignore it because none of us can succeed without doing works
    Basically, Practice makes perfect
    Homework is for practicing and making you perfect!
    Hard working drives you to the top of success.
    Therefore, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!

  • Kids know it already

    The point of homework is and will always be "help kids practice when the teachers can't help them" but the problem is that kids (for the most part) have easy access to the internet which breaks the point of homework in any class but math. By the way at this point the only thing we need school for is credentials for learning not actually learning itself

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