• I like homework. Because it makes me think and uses time well.

    It prepares you for the next day of school and also helps in learning. You also can review what you learned in school today . By minwook lee .
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  • Seriously if you are too lazy to do your homework you need to commit yourself!

    Some people say they can't finish homework because it takes them too long such as 4 hours but it is not gonna take you that long to finish homework you need to commit yourself or get off your ass and do the work it makes you smarter! If you want to get in college you have to do homework to make you smart. No college no job no job no money no money no food no food death! Do your homework.

  • We need more homework

    My supporting argument is that home work makes you way smarter because it runs what you just did in class . It makes you amazingly smart because you have now done it 2 times. This is my argument about why we need more homework. Without home work we would all be a bit smarter.

  • Homework helps you remember work you did in class.

    If you did 3 pages of algebra or calculus in school, doing algebra and calculus homework for about 20 minutes can help help you memorize all the math you did today. Even if you hate homework like hell, just fricken goddamn finish and it's over. So goddamn listen to me and finish your homework on god damn damn damn damn damn damn time.

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  • Homework helps students understand what they are learning better and it gives teachers a reason to post grades.

    If students didn't do homework and just sat around on the couch watching tv, and the teacher threw out a test they wouldn't know much. The class room is very distracting for students and causes students to not listen and play around. Homework would help students developed a better education

  • Our kids need more homework

    We should give even kids on the streets good education they will become more smarter and intelligent. They will be smart like Albert the scientist he was the smartest of them all and your kid would become smart like him.Plus even more smarter like us the scientist Ok. Thank you

  • Repetition is KEY

    Although homework may seem tedious, repeating concepts over and over can and will lead to the concept being stuck into the student's head, which will come into use in future classes. As sad as it sounds, homework is actually good when it comes to memorization for the future in learning.

  • Yes practice makes perfection

    What children do not understand is that what you don't use you will loose that information. So the more you put it to use then you will not loose it as easily. It takes 7 times for a person to learn something the more it is repeated the more likely you are to remember the same thing over and over again. So homework is a good thing. Unless you want to be uneducated in your life do your homework without complaining.

  • Well, more educated

    It makes children far more educated and far more knowledgeable. Homework is needed for children and teens to actually understand concepts that they need to repeat - such as math, or languages - and the hard work lessons they learn will last them long after they have forgotten the details.

  • Homework is not needed

    I think homework should be gone and if any is to be assigned then not a lot it should only be assigned for really important subjects eg English and maths but at the moment i am getting homework from woodwork, home economics and even P.E which makes no sense at all. In my opinion homework is a waste of time,paper and in some ways it even makes you less smarter than you were before you started.

  • Homework isn't needed

    We should get rid of homework because most kids have stress on their minds already (some activities like A.S.B, basketball, baseball, soccer, football piano lessons, etc.) but homework adds more stress while you do those activities. Even though you might say they chose that sometimes they are forced to or can't get out of it. Did you know that homework is just a review on what you did in class it may not seem like it but it's true. We have honours or (gate) to not go over the same thing over and over yet they say you will only do the same thing a little amount of times when you don't count homework. "Studies show The country with the most successful educational system, according to the Economist study, is Finland. Students there are assigned virtually no homework; they don't start school until age seven; and the school day is short." Why do they have no homework and they still get better.
    On average our moms and dads don't know the new common core so they can't really help, on that note kids get frustrated and make kids have bad attitudes and end up getting us in trouble. Then they will lose privileges like phones, computers and moms will blame their attitude on them, also they might not know that you need your Chromebook for homework and will not believe them when they say they need it for homework, now you get lunch detention for not doing homework.
    Most kids stay up too late doing homework this is a scenario that has happens almost every day to me "I finish 6th period dont P.E. And i'm sweaty then I have to go walk home. Exhausted I go through our baranka for a short cut then I get home at 4:00 on almost every day today was 4:20. Now It's 5:30 and I haven't finished any of my homework" there is the scenario. Here are some websites Go to and an opinion

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  • Homework is Stress

    By taking away Prescious family time and countless hours that are spent in a room doing work. Teachers don't realize that we have other classes in which we have equal to more amounts of homework. Homework puts students under unneeded pressure. Some kids like me have part time jobs and practices on top of that. Eating habits become worse because only very limited time can be spent eating and kids are up until midnight doing all this homework. Get 3 to 4 hours of sleep and are woken up at six thirty sharp. Homework is not beneficial.

  • Homework sucks real bad

    Middle school is horrible high school even worst you have like six homework each day and if going to a private school omg it will kill you to much homework and a lot to be done form trust me it will be the worst thing in your life kill homework please

  • Homework sucks alot

    It does not help kids it acutely makes them forgetful. They stay up late doing it so they fall asleep in class. Some kids get jobs and don't have time for homework. Some kids don't even do homework and still get good grades.Homework is not helpful at all thank you.

  • I don't like homework

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  • Homework makes you dume

    Based on my own experience I have to say homework does not make a student more intelligent. The overwhelming majority of all the homework I ever received was essentially busywork in a concept already taught to us. In my opinion 99% of learning is not accomplished via homework but accomplished through learning in the classroom.

  • Not at all!

    Homework does not make student smarter or happier! If anything, more depressed! Let's say that a friend invited them to play or hang out, and the student REALLY wanted too, he/she would think, "Oh wait! I HAVE to do homework! Besides, students already learned it in class! Why do homework?!

  • No but it can help a student with re bearing certain topics on tests

    I am a student at NYU and as I have overlooked my education career I believe that though homework a hated part of school it does tend to stick something into a pupil's head which helps during exams but it doesn't improve a child's intelligence or IQ. Homework should be given at a minimal amount.

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