Does homework really help children: Should teachers give out homework to kids the age of 13?

  • Homework Aids Learning

    If no-one had homework then they wouldn't be able to learn responsibility. Practice makes perfect! With homework teachers are able to see what you know and are able to teach you the rest that you must know for assessments. If homework wasn't helpful why would the Australian government allow it?

  • Homework is a necessity

    Children become very lazy if they are not given sufficient homework as daily revision of what that day and not forget the teachings. Homework should be given in a appropriate amount which helps to improve their vocabulary. It helps in their personality development. It can help each and every student to improve.

  • I personally believe that homework really helps students.

    I personally believe that homework really helps students. I believe that school teachers should begin
    giving students homework as early as 13.
    Homework is good for kids. It
    aids in their development and helps them to master the coursework faster. Homework never hurt anybody. It can help every student improve.

  • Homework teaches some essential life skills.

    Homework in moderation can help children learn some essential life skills. Homework takes discipline and time management. It also helps students develop the ability to work independently and utilize available resources to get information. All of these skills are very essential to success in the workplace later in life, which lends value to homework.

  • Practice makes perfect

    As long as it is given in a decent amount, homework is very helpful in order to practice skills in order to gain mastery. You wouldn't expect a baseball player to go play in a game without sufficient practice, or a piano player to play a recital with minimal practice either. Homework, in moderation, is necessary.

  • Homework is vital in teaching responsibility

    I work as an academic tutor, so my opinion may be slightly biased, but I believe homework teaches children the importance of time management and responsibility. Children must learn that simply doing the least amount possible -- i.e. simply showing up for school -- won't get them far in life.

  • Homework should not be given out

    . First of all, homework is a waste of time. Homework is pointless because we already have 8+ hours of school to do work and learn. You can get overwhelmed when the work follows you to your home. Home is where you spend time with your family, relax, and have fun. If you don’t understand the lesson or are confused, you can talk to the teacher before class, during class, during go-time, and after school. My second reason is homework impacts kids negatively. Homework leads to stress and many kids have fits over homework. Not only that, but it gives teachers much more things to correct and manage. Some kids procrastinate and are lead to lack of sleep. As an alternative students can study for their tests and quizzes, not be forced to complete a ton of homework every single night. Students should be able to make their own decisions and should not have to worry about their grades dropping should they not do homework every night. Practice does make perfect, but thats why students provide study material and you have enough time during school. Students , especially a 13 years old, should have more time to be a kid at home, especially if they are in advanced classes, where if they don't understand one lesson, they could be up till 10 doing monotonous continuous problems throwing fits instead of studying what they need to learn. Not only that, but homework sometimes IS a grade. So instead of focusing on studying for tests and quizzes, the majority of grades are on every night homework assessments, and if you do bad on only a few homework grades, your average could drop and tests and quizzes wouldn't really matter and you would fail your class because of homework. So, practice does make perfect, but when you are a kid, you need time to be a kid, because school should be where you practice, learn, and study, not your house.

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  • Yes, but not EVERY day.

    When kids become around 10-11 or even get into Middle School, most of the time - at least in the norm of Public Schooling - homework becomes significantly harder -- for instance, Algebra and Pre-Algebra is introduced at a very young age where the children's brains aren't developed enough to fully learn from said classes. In addition, it's been reported that most students, from slow-workers, fast-workers and procrastinator, can have a time from 1-3 hours in which they do their homework. Because schools make MOST wake up at around 6-8 a.M., that is only a small amount of time in their day to do their homework and still enjoy their day -- even barely enough for kids to get as active as they could be. Last but not least, homework/our grading system doesn't work very well anyways. Finnish schools do better than many other countries' schools and are very lax on homework, relieving stress from students and actually allowing them to learn in a calm fashion. The grading systems of As-Fs should be replaced with constructive criticism from teachers -- after all, would a checkmark on a paper teach a student or would true feedback with no threatening future consequence help them embrace the friendly knowledge being provided?

  • No homework needed

    There are schools that have taken all home work away and guess what most kids grades increased. This proves that homework is not a necessity and can be removed with positive effects. Other schools have just reduced that amount of homework with the same benefits. So no there is no need for homework

  • All Ages Should Have Homework

    I believe homework is important for every student. I do not believe there is a right or wrong age for homework. I believe if a student is studying something then they need homework to help embrace the information they are studying. I believe teachers should continue to assign homework because it helps retain information.

  • It does not.

    Homework does not really help that many kids and teachers should not give out homework to kids the age of 13. When I was in middle school and high school, I almost never did any of my homework for any classes, and I still graduated with honors because I could ace tests.

  • Homework does not help children.

    Homework does not help children. Teachers should not give out as much homework as they do now. The average child spends about eight hours in the school and another three or four at home doing homework. This is not fair for the child because even they need some time to relax and prepare for the next day.

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