Does hosting the Olympics provide enough benefits to outweigh the costs?

  • Hosting the Olympics can be beneficial enough to outweigh cost.

    Several cities that hosted Olympics throughout the latter half of the 20th century and early part of the 21st century who were able to use the opportunity to host the Olympics to better their cities. Barcelona was able make many improvements as well as promote the city to tourists. Seoul was able to make extensive extensions to its underground rail line and has since emerged as a major world economic center, and China was able to showcase Beijing as a world class city. As long as Olympic funds are managed well and building projects properly prioritized, hosting the Olympics does provide enough benefits to outweigh the costs.

  • Hosting the Olympics is a historic event.

    Hosting the Olympics is an event that is once in a lifetime. Given that the Olympics hosts the best athletes from around the globe, and it is an event that takes place only once every four years, hosting the Olympics puts a city into the record books. Despite the high economic costs, hosting the Olympics adds a piece of immortality to a city.

  • No, the costs of the Olympics are too great to make it worth the effort.

    Not only does the monetary cost of the Olympics present a sky-high amount that most metropolitan areas cannot afford, but the environmental cost of the Olympics illustrates a massive environmental harm that cannot be remedied. Even when precautions are made to make the Olympics greener, there is an incredible amount of waste generated.

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