• It does because...

    Many benefit from this cause and the only people experimented on are volunteers. We can save many lives by doing this research and finding out how human anatomy works. This funding can help medical clinics and doctors find the best way to help someone. I think we should fund these projects.

  • Yes, human experimentation deserves additional government funding.

    I think that human experimentation deserves to receive more funding by the government. I think that as long as such experimentation are lawful and can provide great medical benefits, the government should look into funding it. We should always support science the best way possible. And I think the government should as well.

  • Yes, it does.

    I think human experimentation is very important for the advancement of medicine. As long as people are willing to partake and are paid to do so, and the experiments were tried on animals before people, I'm good with it. A lot of positives can come from this. It is very beneficial.

  • No, human experimentation does not deserve more government funding.

    While the benefits of medical testing might well improve the quality of life for many people, the government has enough debt already, as well as enough other areas of emphasis that need the funding more. Private companies will fund the testing for drugs that they manufacture, and the government has the FDA to oversee that testing.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe human experimentation deserves to receive additional funding from the government. I think this should be left up to the companies and people who want to these experiments. I would liken it to starting a business, I shouldn't expect the government to pay for that either. Experiments should be funded by wealthy individuals and companies.

  • No, there's too much potential for abuse and unintented side effects

    I feel uncomfortable with the idea of human experimentation. I know it's theoretically for a good cause, but experimenting on humans seems to cross a line into a gray area of ethics. No one can really tell what the side effects will be, and even though the experimental subjects are volunteering their bodies for research, do they really know what they're getting into? Also, there's too much potential for abuse on the part of researchers who might cut corners because of a lack of compassion or personal obsession or a desire to maximize results for the sake of continued funding. I say it's too risky.

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