• Sure, but it doesn't matter.

    Human life does certainly begin at conception, but human life isn't particularly valuable. Rights come from personhood, and even then, the expression of personhood is necessary to establish the existence of it at all. There's absolutely nothing wrong with abortion or infanticide unless you're violating the will of the parents (it's an issue of property rights, really).

    Posted by: Kali
  • Yes the characteristics of life.

    A scientific textbook called "Basics of Biology" gives five characteristics of living things; these five criteria are found in all modern elementary scientific textbooks:

    1. Living things are highly organized.

    2. All living things have an ability to acquire materials and energy.

    3. All living things have an ability to respond to their environment.

    4. All living things have an ability to reproduce.

    5. All living things have an ability to adapt.

    When sperm and egg unite the baby is already reproducing!

  • Just watch the film "The Silenced Scream" available on the Internet and decided for yourself.

    Just watch the film "The Silenced Scream" available on the Internet. You will see the baby try to avoid the abortionist instrument, running for his/her life. Just like you will try to dodge when somebody is throwing a knife at you. The difference is I can hear you scream, but with the baby it all silenced. Babies do feel threats. His/her heart will beat much, much faster, just like you in the same situation. You will see his/her mouth open as he/she scream, just like you, just like me when our lives are threaten. IF YOU ARE RESEARCHING THE TOPIC OF ABORTION OR POSSIBLY CONTEMPLATING AN ABORTION WE URGE YOU TO VIEW THE SITE SLOWLY AND CAREFULLY BEFORE PROCEEDING.


    Please, don't let anybody talk you out of seeing the TRUTH. Watch it and decide for yourself.


  • Biology says it all...

    The 7 SIGNS OF LIFE.... Within the first day, the fetus signs each sign. According to Biology, each in every single sign of life is present in the Fetus. After conception, the egg has a unique DNA print of it's own... It's gender is set, it's skin color, hair color, eyes... It's fingerprint, all of these are set in a unique DNA print.

  • Just my opinion.

    I believe that human life begins at conception. All of you people saying that, in order to be human, you have to be out of your mom's stomach and be able to support yourself, make no sense. A (fetus) human cannot be taken out of mom's stomach because it is still growing and not physically able to live. They need the mom's nutrients to help just as a newborn baby. You wouldn't expect a newborn to lift 50 pounds because it is not physically strong enough, because it is still growing and developing, just as a fetus. In addition, a newborn cannot live without the help of another. If a newborn was left out on the street, it would die. So why is everyone saying that a human needs to be able to live without mom? That's impossible. Every human has 46 chromosomes: 23 from mom, 23 from dad. That transfer takes place the moment the sperm latches onto the egg. So, the fetus doesn't need anything else to be a human; it just needs to grow, like we all do! There is life in blood and abortion is the shed of innocent blood. A man can live without breathing but cannot live without blood.

  • Perception of Life

    "Life" becomes a different definition to people who want to use it for different purposes. For example, when examining the theory of evolution and the "beginning of life", a single-celled organism is viewed as "alive". In the exploration of outer space and the search for life on other planets, the first thing they look for is water, which is a huge factor in life. And, in the case of whether or not human life begins at conception, a lot of people say no because of the Supreme Court's definition of viability, in reference to Roe v. Wade, where they explain that viability is the ability to live outside the mother's womb. So, clearly "life" is often used in different ways to argue and debate different things. Well, let's look at life differently. Isn't it true that each person is given 46 chromosomes, 23 from the female and 23 from the male (mutations aside)? Well, if that's true, then isn't that zygote on its way to becoming a human being? Our genetic code is already being laid and our future traits are already starting to form their way into the person we will become. It is, as someone mentioned, like we are seeds blooming into trees. As soon as that seed is planted, just as soon as human life is conceived, isn't it already on its way to becoming a tree? Now, I understand as well as many, that this parallel isn't exactly synonymous with a human conception. For one, seeds are fine on their own before planted. Second, germination of the seed works a little differently. However, it is similar in the way I mentioned before, and in this way. Let's, for a moment, say that human life does not begin at conception. When, then, would it begin? At the 3rd month, as soon as the baby takes its first breath (also a point someone else mentioned), as soon as it leaves its mother's womb, as soon as it can think and process? Well, from that standpoint, let's go back to the seed. When does the seed become "alive"? When can one call it alive? When can one begin to actually refer to it as a tree? When it has sprouted from the ground? Because, we all know that the seed has already sprouted underneath the soil. The next part is just waiting for it to sprout and "breathe" so to speak. What about time? Is the seed now alive after 3 weeks? Now, the final thought is when it can think. I think we all can agree that plants don't have thought, so let's go back to the human for this analogy. Were we all "not alive" until we could think? Are plants all "not alive" until they can think? See, I don't believe the terms "alive" or "viable" should be different from species to species, or from organism to organism. Or, for that matter, from person to person who wants to achieve the purpose of "winning" a debate.

  • Alejandro

    the magic biology pro abortion pretends to teach us that the fetus is not a human being but a lifeform X, and from one day to another (seven months + 1 day in some countries for example) ¡¡¡Is a human being!!! WOW thats magic...

  • it's a baby, not a kitten

    Human life begins at conception. Putting aside the question as to whether the fetus has a soul or moral worth, there is the undeniable fact that it is a human life. It has life because its cells are already growing. It is pulling nourishment the moment it implants in the uterus. And it is human. After all, left to its own genetic programming, a human embryo will never turn into a kitten.

    Posted by: Pir4And
  • A cell is LIFE.

    Does human life begin at conception? Let's first break this question into two more questions. What is human life? It is simple, human life and life in general in scientific terms in it's most basic form is a cell. What is conception? Conception is the formation of a zygote after the combining of a sperm and egg. A zygote is also a cell and is therefore a living organism, life. So, by simple logic, it is a fact that human life does begin at conception.

  • Life is in the blood!

    Life is in the blood not the breath! A (fetus) human can live without breathing but cannot live without blood. Even the Bible says "life is in the blood". Anyone who is not fully grown is considered a human in the body or without. Protect the sanctity of life! Thanks.

  • NO... it begins when the fetus is viable (around 6 months), meaning it can survive without the host (mother), but...

    Until then, it is a parasite. The mother has a right to choose whether or not to allow something to occupy her body or feed off of her versus being forced as much as she has a right to choose her sex partners versus being forced or whether or not to have a transvaginal ultrasound versus being forced. It's her body. Once the fetus can be born, natural or induced, and survive... it's a person, but as long as it is occupying the mother the mother's life is more important than the infant's - hence late term abortions in life or death situations. The mother also still has a choice about whether or not she wants something occupying her body and should be allowed to induce birth early when the fetus is viable if she so chooses.

  • "LIFE" is very different from "HUMAN LIFE"

    A Cell is not a human!!! When we are talking about "human life" it's misleading. At fertilization there's not a "human"; there are only thousands of cells. It's very different to say that there is LIFE than that there is HUMAN life. A human is a body with eyes, heart, brain, skin etc. At conception there is no more than epithelial cells or liver cells. It is not clear at what stage of the fetus's development it becomes a human being. If we say that at eight weeks there is a human, we are lying. A human being is a person that can survive on its own. A fetus cannot do that. If we take out a fetus outside of the womb, it can't survive one second without the mother. On the other hand, a baby can! So for me human life starts when it can survive on its own.

  • Life begins at 8 weeks!

    When does a human die? When his heart stops beating. So surely life begins when the heart STARTS beating. This is at roughly 8 weeks. But there is a difference between the question 'when does life begin' and 'when does an embryo become a human life - therefore giving it the same respect as a human being'. One must tackle both questions in order to answer this dilemma.

  • Reality check.

    "Science has quite clearly and decidedly proven that a new, human life begins at conception."

    Science has done no such thing.
    This is an unsubstantiated assertion. Nothing more.

    That little rant by the Doctor only makes two points, that science differentiates a developing organism from individual cells, and that a fetus can survive on its own WITH a specific environment. That's the part this article dodges as quick as possible.
    A fetus cannot survive on its own. Period.

    "If you are a fan of science, then consider also being a fan of human life-at all its stages."

    Versus if you are EDUCATED in science, then you UNDERSTAND that a developing organism, classified as NON-Living, is not living, and that a fetus isn't classified as living until birth.

    Ah yes, the difference between being a fan of science and EDUCATED in science. From cherry picking it to understanding it completely.

    Also love that they mention Catholicism. The god of the catholic bible is NOT anti-abortion!

    ~God teaches the use of a bizarre ritual using cursed “bitter water” to ABORT a FETUS who was conceived through infidelity. (Numbers 5:11-21)
    So "god" is pro-abortion, when its a fetus from infidelity.

    ~God punishes women by aborting their fetus through a miscarriage.
    (Hosea 9:14)

    Well maybe Catholics can say their god cares about children, when they are born and are considered living members of the human race by science...wait...he isn't that EITHER!

    1) God orders Moses to kill every Midianite woman who was no longer a virgin. (many of these women would obviously have been pregnant) (Numbers 31:15-18)

    2) God promises to destroy the infants of Samaria and rip open the stomachs of pregnant women.
    (Hosea 13:16)

    3) God allows the pregnant women of Tappuah to be ripped open.
    2 Kings 15:16

    4) God commands the killing of infants and nursing babies.
    1 Samuel 15:3

    5) God repays your enemies by destroying their babies.
    Psalms 137:8-9

    There is much more called for fetus and child blood in this book. So on top of BIOLOGY you don't even know your BIBLE. You just CHERRY PICK both!

    This is THE GOD you worship. Who you cherry pick and think is pro-life and pro-child. When he is demonstrably NOT.

    Now what was that you were saying about "Catholics and any other reasonable belief system"?

    Class dismissed!

  • It is a living group of cells, but not a human being.

    Cells are consider living organisms, no matter what. So, the cells in your eyes are alive, the cells in your skin are alive, the cells in your liver are alive, and so forth. Just because the cells are alive and multiplying does not make that organism a true human begin yet. It is simply a cluster of cells, just like everywhere else in your body.

  • The Bible states it.

    Genesis 2:7 says "Then the LORD God formed a man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being." God says life begins at the first breath of oxygen which is at birth. As stated there is a difference between life and human life as well.

  • Cells are not human life.

    A group of cells do not meet the standards of what is considered human life. Human life usually is said to start at 28 weeks. Also I feel that when it comes to this question, and how it affects the public sphere, then you can not invoke the word of God to try and influence public policy.

  • Its a parasite until it first breaths

    A fetus that is still in the womb is not a human, it is not classified as one until it takes its first breath outside the womb. This is because, if it cant live outside the womb then it cant live, a human is a self sustaining creature that can life for itself. A fetus is nothing more then a naturally occurring parasite, it takes its sustenance from the host, without the host, it dies.

  • I am pro-choice, because life doesn't begin until the fetus is viable.

    Until a fetus is able to live and breathe on it's own, it should not be considered a separate living being. It is just a collection of tissues and cells, no more alive than a tumor. Once the fetus has been growing long enough to have a chance of survival outside the womb, then it should be considered a living being.

    Posted by: TownNoam
  • It begins at birth.

    I can recognize the arguments for life beginning at conception, brain activity, nocioception, or viability. The truth is that there is no correct answer, each person must form their own ethical and moral conclusion. For me, the act of childbirth is clinically and symbolically significant, and represents the real inception of a human life. The separation from the mother, the drawing in of the first breath - and perhaps the soul, and the bestowing of an identity, satisfy me that this is the beginning of a person's life. I should know, I work at Planned Parenthood.

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Anonymous says2013-03-25T17:11:43.510
"Causality is the relationship between causes and effects. It is considered to be fundamental to all natural science, especially physics. Causality is also a topic studied from the perspectives of philosophy and statistics." If you go by that then a action has a reaction equal to its action. So in essence, as soon as the the fertilization of the egg occurs it begins to effect life, first inside the female carrier, then you effect everyone else indirectly because you, as a presence in her body, have an effect on her mood and actions.This also can be explained through the chaos theory. So if the reaction is effecting life then the fertilized egg must be equal to life. your effect on life just becomes more potent and unpredictable as you continue to exist. Life = Life
Anonymous says2013-03-28T16:49:33.890
Who cares when life begins? That isn't the point, and it's stupid for politicians to try to be doctors. I'm pro choice. If life begins at the moment of conception, than I am for MURDERING that baby if the woman wants an abortion. Look at it this way - that woman should put off having a baby until she is more mature and able to properly raise it. If she keeps this baby that she doesn't even want, then the potential baby that she might have in the future is effectively killed. Either way, one of the babies is not going to be born.

"kill" is just a word. Get over it. This is the 21st century. We have enough luxuries to be able to manipulate life in such a way.

Babies that a woman has when she is not at a proper maturity to raise it are more likely to commit murder, suicide, become drug addicts, have mental disorders, HATE THEIR LIVES, etc, etc, etc. Shouldn't that be enough for you?

I will repeat - if life begins at the moment of conception, and a woman wants an abortion, than I am PRO-MURDER. I am intentionally trying to shock you ;)
Anonymous says2013-04-07T15:19:20.847
Life begins when the fetus can be called a fetus.
theta_pinch says2014-01-02T17:05:53.807
How can it not be the beginning of human life. At the moment of conception it is alive and a human.
babydreamcatcher says2014-02-01T23:15:05.673
babydreamcatcher says2014-02-01T23:16:34.517
-come from outside
-harm host (bodies creates antibodies against parasite)
-stay forever
-formed by mother and father's cells (inside)
-does not harm host
-stays for months

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