• Human life begins before birth.

    It has been said that the kind of music you play for your baby in the womb affects his or her upbringing and his or her personality. Even in the womb, babies have senses and are able to take in information about the world. They experience life even before they are born.

  • Yes, human life begins before birth.

    Human life absolutely begins before birth. Before birth, there is a heartbeat. Before birth, babies have eyes, ears, brain function, and all other features of human life. Before birth, babies move and kick inside their mother's womb. Before birth, babies can recognize their mother's voice. All of these characteristics constitute a human life.

  • Yes, human life begins at conception.

    Yes, human life begins before birth at the moment of conception. Though an embryo does not look like a fully-developed human being, it is in the process of becoming a person. The moment a sperm and an ovum unite in the womb of a woman, a unique being has been created. From that moment, whether within or outside the womb, this being would be considered a human life.

  • Human life begins at birth.

    Human life begins when the umbilical cord is cut. Prior to this moment, a fetus is completely dependent upon its mother for nutrition. It is, essentially, a parasite. Once a baby takes its first breath, life begins. This is somewhat asserted in the way that we measure age in Western society. In Western society, people begin aging at birth, not conception.

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