• Naturally, Of Course

    Human Nature is the definition of how we define the reasons for the things we do as people. This is different from the actions that define why we make certain decisions over others (like where to work, what possessions to buy, etc), but more how we keep ourselves alive to the basic elements (like when we eat, when we sleep, how we choose a mate, etc). I believe it is a highly biological element, but yes we all have this within ourselves and it does exist.

  • Human Nature is Prevalent In Us All

    Human nature describes the physiological nature found in all human beings. We have certain desires that must be fulfilled due to genetics and evolution. Human Nature is the only thing holding the human race back from being truly extraordinary. It causes people to be irrational, our nature and our intellect clash regularly.

  • Yes, it exists!!

    I strongly believe human nature exists. I see many instances where things can't be explained, other than simply human nature. For instance, curiosity. I think it's human nature for the average human to be curious about things; whether it be the cause of death of someone who has passed abruptly, or something as simple as how something works.

  • Yes human nature exists

    Human nature most definitely exists, and can be illustrated by how we respond to very simple tasks. If someone is hungry, they eat. If someone is sad, they cry. If someone is angry, they get upset. These are basic characteristics of human beings. There are of course other aspects too, such as the ability to love, to hate, to manipulate for ones' own gain, etc. But the bottom line is, all these qualities are innate parts of who we are, and we wouldn't be us without them. So I think human nature does indeed exist.

  • Humans Express Emotions, Make Mistakes, Kill Each Other

    There are certain behaviors humans exhibit that are simply part of who we are as a species. We have emotions, we cry, we laugh, we argue, we kill each other, we love each other, etc. These traits are part of who we are. Compare "human nature" to other aspects of the natural world. Cats do cat-like things, dogs do dog-like things. Similarly, humans do human-like things.

  • Should human nature be maintained and controlled again.

    I think human nature should be maintained for others for free. Human nature should be kept hidden instead of him or her giving out answers .There is no point of hurting others emotionally for no reason .So there fore I think human nature should be maintained for others and herself.

  • Yes, if you're referring to our evolutionary traits.

    It really depends on your definition of human nature. If you consider it to be what we evolved to be like then it obviously wouldn't be human nature to be celibate. That's an evolutionary trait that we inherited for obvious reasons.

    How about try looking at the etymology of the term? Human nature means what is naturally human, and from an evolutionary perspective, what's most natural about humans is their raw nature in all its flaws.

  • It does exist, in a way

    A lot of people define human nature as a way of life, and continue to look for it in that aspect. If they keep pursuing that goal, they will never succeed. Because human nature is not a way of life, it is one of the most primitive things on this planet: emotion. It is impossible to be without emotion. Sadness, happiness, anger, grief, they are our nature. They are driven by our past experiences to make our nature.

  • Yes it is

    Humans Express Emotions, Make Mistakes, Kill Each Other There are certain behaviors humans exhibit that are simply part of who we are as a species. We have emotions, we cry, we laugh, we argue, we kill each other, we love each other, etc. These traits are part of who we are. Compare "human nature" to other aspects of the natural world. Cats do cat-like things, dogs do dog-like things. Similarly, humans do human-like things.

  • Human nature exists

    Human beings have a human nature that has basic needs that must be met. Different personalities and variable conditioning have an impact on how people go about meeting their needs, but there are universal behaviours that can be observed. These things we have in common are what are behind great works of art that speak to the human condition.

  • There is no human nature.

    There is no such thing as 'human nature.' Humans don't have any nature at all. The way you are entirely depends on your experiences. If you were brought up among headhunters in the Amazon, the only reason you would feel bad about the number of shrunken heads around your neck would be that your brother has more. There are no 'individuals' or 'human nature'. Everything humans "tend to do" can be explained. The concept of 'evil people' and 'greedy people' is incorrect. Humans are pushed and pulled into behaving in a greedy and cruel way by our current social conditions. There is no human nature, all that exist is human behaviour.

  • If it does exists, there a huge implications...

    For us to say that "human nature" exists, there has to be a biological agent(s) that allow(s) "human nature" to be universal. Scientists are still discovering how our genes influence our behavior. So far, however, scientists have been able to deduce that the environment plays a strong role in how we develop and express our behavior and personality. One might say that it's human nature to eat when hungry or to have kids or to be nice to others , but if you carefully observe how different societies around the world behave, and perhaps individuals in your own community, these behaviors are not universally upheld". Most of the time, the concept of human nature is not applied universally but to distinct social groups. For example, many people believe that females and males have different "human natures". Others believe that individuals in ethnic groups all act the same. If people do appear to have a similar behavior, remember that every individual has agency; that person chooses, whether subconsciously or unconsciously, to follow that behavior because they know that it benefits them to do so from a social and perhaps physiological point of view. Even for behaviors in dangerous situations such as patting a fire away on your head, people may respond differently depending on their cultural understanding of the situation, size of the fire, and pain receptors.

  • Human nature and evolution are incompatible, so to say there is a human nature is to deny the fact of evolution.

    There can't be human nature, because then it would be impossible for humans to have evolved into humans, and will also be impossible for humans to evolve into anything else if a humans nature is fixed. Looking at the bigger picture we are life, and a human is just a word to describe a branch of this tree of life. So there is no human nature, only the nature of life. Epigenetic's is what allows living things to evolve and adapt into something which wouldn't suit their nature, so the nature of the animal adapts and evolves. So, to say that there is a human nature is to doubt the fact of evolution and the science of genetics.

  • No such thing as Human nature.

    Take a look into feral children whom have been bought up in the wild by animals there have been many cases one case in Russia, a girl aged 13 years old named Oxana Malaya was found after she was abandoned by her Alcoholic parents, Age three she had crawled into the dog kennels and was bought up with the wild dogs who fed her and looked after her and by the time she was found she had all the behaviour of a wild dog, if there was ever such a thing as human nature then it would of kicked in and she wouldn't of acted like a dog, Human nature is non existent, social conditions are the factors that shape human behaviour many people will disagree with this but many people once disagreed that the earth was a sphere and not flat.

  • Human nature does not exist.

    Take a look into feral children there have been many cases, one in Russia a child called Oxana Malaya was Abandoned by her alcoholic parents at three years old, she lived in the dog kennels with the families dogs and wasn't found until she was 13 years of age her behaviour was that of a dog now if human nature existed and was INBUILT then it would kick in and Oxana wouldn't of behaved like a dog but a human, it is social conditions which shape human behaviour, human nature in my view is false and many people will disagree with this but many people once thought that the earth was flat.

  • If by human nature, you mean...

    If by human nature, you mean that It is the genes we inherent with close enough relation to reproduce, then human nature is universal in that way.

    But, if by human nature you mean that a certain set of mental behaviors, values or ideals can be universally applied to all humans, then that is absolutely false.

    The concept of Human nature is only valid to the extent that our genes and physical characteristics can define our species. Human nature as a concept for a universal mentality applied to all humans in any way is invalid.

    If Human nature directly determines peoples ideals and values, then there must be A lot of human natures. Not everyones brain has to be/or is wired the same way. All the uniqueness and different personalities that have ever existed shows how each person can greatly differ from one another. Different people act differently in the same situations. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all decision. If human nature defined all the different values people can have, then there would not be so many different opposing values grinding against one another.

    With all said and done, the notion that all humans do operate, or have to operate exactly the same way is Absolutely Absurd.

  • No human nature

    Components of personality and characteristics of "human nature" are not universal. If they are not universal across the species, I would have to say that it is not the "nature" of that species. Now, of course, there are aspects of human nature (laughing, smiling, shrugging) that are considered universal. But these behaviors exist in other animals, therefore it cannot be human nature to do them, but an evolutionary behavior that humans have also acquired.

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