Does hydraulic fracturing do more good than harm?

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  • Fracking is beneficial to both the economy and defense of our nation. It will also help to decrease global warming.

    . Fracking unlocks vast amounts of oil and gas deposits that were previously out of reach to conventional drilling techniques. The discovery of these vast stores of domestic natural gas has benefited both national security and our economy. In the U.S., domestic shale gas production has decreases dependence on foreign oil and has led to the low gas prices for consumers and industry. Fossil fuels have been shown to be a major contributor to climate change is also a major threat to population health. Shale gas drilling is an important transitional energy source from fossil fuel until a more sustainable energy source is discovered. Sustainable energy sources such as sun and wind are our best solutions long-term, but is insufficient to meet current to meet our society’s energy needs.

  • Fracking Contaminates Water

    Hydraulic fracturing contaminates groundwater supplies. A recent study shows well water in North Dakota was highly toxic due to the leftover chemicals associated with fracking. Although the United States has a booming oil industry now thanks to advances in fracking, the costs of such a process mean people can't live normal lives.

  • Fracking is good!

    The reason I think fracking is good is because you use fracking to get oil which then makes plastic. Imagine a life without plastic and oil and other natural gases that are being fracked. Our modern day society possibility might not survive. My second reason I say yes to fracking is because lots of people use those gases to cook which would leave them in a tougher situation. That's why I say yes to fracking.

  • Fracking is Good!

    Fracking gives us things we need in life like: clothes, roofing, and plastic. Plastic is extremely important because it allows doctors to operate cleanly and safely. Just because we want to take away fracking for our supposed good points. People will die if they can't be operated on. We don't want people to die because we took away petroleum products and now their is no plastic. Fracking is part of our daily lives. We CAN'T take it away!

  • Hydraulic fracturing does more harm than good.

    I think that hydraulic fracturing does more harm than good. While the jury is still out on the exact effects it takes a great deal of time, money and energy to produce a small amount of product. There are cheaper and more efficient ways to find energy in the world.

  • Yes, it's harmful.

    Hydraulic fracturing is simply one more way to advance greed in our country and in the world, at the expense of the safety and well being of people and the environment. Greed has become the bottom line in this country, and our environment and people will suffer irreversible consequences if hydraulic fracturing is allowed to happen.

  • Yes. Yes. Yes.

    It does more good than harm when we look at the overall issue. Does it do harm? Yes, obviously it does but the question is whether the good outweighs the harm. And this is obvious that even with the poisoning of some sections of lands that may affect some people, the extraction of fuel that would serve millions of people is worth the harm.

  • Hydraulic Fracking Causes Environmental And Health Problems

    Hydraulic Fracturing (or fracking) involves shooting chemicals and sand into the ground. These chemicals are not safe. Among the 600 different toxins used, over 70 different carcinogens are used as well. These substances along with methane leach out of the system and into our well water. I suggest watching the documentary "Gasland." It explains how people are suffering from respirtory, endocrine, and neurological problems due to water contaminated by fracking. Many people will say that it produces jobs; however the environment and public safety is an international problem, while American jobs effects the American public. We as a planet are posed with a choice. We may choose between a job source that is a cause of death, or avoiding this completely by expanding our solar and wind power. It's up to you.

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