• Yes to a point

    In certain regions ice and snow can negatively impact the economy in that it can cause businesses to close for a day or two. There are some advantages to the economy too though as it employs a lot more city workers who have to go out and plow the streets or clear the sidewalks.

  • No one spends as much in extreme weather.

    Ice and snow negatively impact the economy. This is because the current systems we have are not set up yet to take care of the problems extreme Winter weather brings. For example, cities don't possess enough salt or snow removal equipment, people don't go out to eat as much, and people aren't going out to spend money at stores as much.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe ice and snow does negatively impact the economy. When ice and snow comes down heavy enough stores begin to close down. This stops employees from earning wages on that day and it also stops people from consuming as well. This clearly impacts everyone involved in a snow and/or ice storm.

  • Bad Weather Hurts Economic Growth

    Unusually bad weather is dragging down the economy and slowing growth because this winter is cold and harsh. Icy roads slow down transportation and cause accidents, raising medical bills and ruining equipment, in addition to the human toll. Increased heating expenses are tough on everyone too. Spring cannot come soon enough for us to see how cold this winter was for our economy.

  • Yes, ice and snow can affect the economy.

    Yes, ice and snow can definitely negatively affect the economy. I think that there are times when a bad snow storm or ice storm hits that it devastates a lot of farm lands and agricultural businesses. When that happens, it is only logical that many aspects of the economy will be affected.

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