Does ignoring a bully make him/her lose interest and go away?

Asked by: Support_me
  • Ignoring the bully works

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  • Yes it work

    You do need to ignore them for the very first step, maybe they would still try to bully you. But it's okay. As the way you ignore them the most, you will make them tired of take a joke or bully you. It's effective but needs time. So be patient a little bit. The buller would never get a good opportunity in their life, because they have shame on themselves. Don't grudge on them, because it just make you tired.

  • Because the bully would usually not leave you alone

    When you try to ignore the bully he/she will intentionally will get in your face and say things to make you mad. The bully won't stop until he/she gets what she/he wants and all a bully want is attention and to make you feel bad about yourself and embarrass you

  • Just the opposite

    If you ignore bullies, then they won't stop. They'll try harder than before and in new ways. They may have been giving you verbal abuse first, but when you stopped paying any attention to them it will turn physical. Simply ignoring the problem won't make it go away. It will just keep coming again and again, much worse than the last.

  • It only makes them gain will power.

    It's a myth that bullying being ignored "Works" it really doesn't. I've ignored bullying many times in my life, and the bullying only got worse and I got angrier. Bullies need to be stood up to, and they need to be punished for their behavior. Showing no reaction isn't the same as ignoring. Ignoring basically means you're letting the bully bully you and you're backing down and hoping they'll stop, as seen as in many anti-bullying PSA'S the victim will ignore the bully, and the bully leads to beating them up because they get so pissed off. I ignored bullying for one week, I come back and rumors were flying around north and south about me and everyone was believing them. This is exactly why I don't ignore bullying and never will again. It needs to be addressed and taken care of.

  • No it Doesn't!!

    If you ignore the bitch ass bully, he will think you can'ts stand up for yourself which will result in even more bullying. Stand up to the fucker and beat the shit out of him to gain some respect, other bullies will fear you if they see you beating that guy's ass.

  • You can not get away with it!

    People commit suicide no matter what kinds since they die more than the boxers and wrestlers in rings. If you ignore bullies, then you are told to be too nice. Your parents, teachers, guardians, and councilors are wrong. People who ignore bullies are more likely to be dead or thinking that they are better than everyone else. Everyone is special, except the bullies and those siding with them. Don't ignore bullies, no matter who told you or where you are. If you are, then you are not believing in yourself.

  • No no no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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  • They will try harder

    Bullies are aware that kids will just ignore them. Seriously! People just let them shove targets and do nothing! Teachers are no help! Just lame! A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

  • Not at all!

    They will just keep on doing it and doing it. Telling a teacher is lame cuz they will tell me to leave them alone or just talk to them or tell me to deal with it! Bullies will shove you if you dont respond! The best way is hitting them in the face! :D. Ignoring them makes me feel like a weak target. We should hit them back and get revenge on them!

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