Does Illegal Immigration Harm American Workers (for Example, through Job Displacement or Lower Wages)?

  • I think it is good.

    My opinion is that immigrants help America's economy. They help by taking jobs and making more GDP for our country. Since they usually take up farming, we can harvest crops a lot faster. YUP. YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP YUP

  • We have too many people and not enough jobs.

    The law of supply and demand says that excessive immigration, legal or otherwise, will put downwards pressure on wages. The effects in the construction and meat packing industries are obvious.

    At the higher end, H1B visas have caused massive displacement of American workers, especially those over 40, from the workforce,. STEM wages have been flat for many years. Alan Greenspan even advocated for more H1B visas to keep STEM salaries low. (For which he should hang!)

  • Is Bad For Us

    It takes away opportunities from legal people and it is more important for actual legal residents to have jobs than illegal residents because if you're illegal you don't have any rights where you are. It's like if I went into Madagascar and took a poor man's job without there being any documents of me being in that country. It is just rude and unjust. Everyone has a legal place to be or at least a place to call home so don't take someone's job away.

  • Yes, illegal immigration harms workers

    Not through job displacement though, illegal immigrants aren't coming in and taking good jobs. They're taking jobs that in the context of where they came from pay well, but here they still don't. The reason illegal immigration harms workers is it makes a portion of their money go towards financing the system that tries to keep illegal immigrants out of the country, so even while they aren't taking the same jobs, they're still in a way giving workers a pay cut.

  • Hard to believe for some, but immigrant mainly take jobs Americans really don't want.

    I remember a few years ago when they made a big push to cut down on illegal immigration, the headlines come harvest season of fruits and vegetables rotting in the fields because farmers couldn't find enough help. I've done fruit harvesting, and let me tell you, it's some of the most exhausting work for terrible pay. It's usually paid by so many units of a product picked, so there is incentive to work harder and faster. If these jobs became regular minimum wage jobs, fruits and vegetables that are already being ignored by an obese/unhealthy public, would become prohibitively expensive.

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