Does illegal immigration overall benefit the U.S.?

  • Nothing illegal can be an overall benefit

    Illegal immigration cannot be an "overall" benefit because, regardless of benefit brought to this country by the immigrants, we still are investing time and money on how to deal with the problems, debates, and issues surrounding them. Legal immigration, on the other hand, has a strong beneficial impact on this country. If we make it possible for more of the legitimate immigrants to enter the country legally we can then concentrate on stopping the non-productive immigrants who need to remain illegal.

  • No, absolutely not

    They contribute no innovations towards society and just simple labor.

    Their only purpose for the democratic party is FREE VOTES. Democrats promise them free benefits, so they vote democrat. That is why they want them coming here in flocks, simultaneously ignoring the fact they are bringing crime, poverty, and lower quality of life towards everything

  • No, but immigration is fine.

    I don't think there's any benefit to people, completely unchecked, running in and out of the country as they please. I do think immigration should be easier, especially for people just looking to have a better life. Illegal immigration means we have a bunch of people in the country but not paying into the system, which strains the rest of us.

  • Illegal immigration does not benefit the U.S.

    While illegal immigrants may not be bad themselves, illegal immigration displaces workers. They also do not pay taxes, yet in some cases are provided with services tax dollars pay for. There is also the issue of crime. There are legal ways to enter the U.S and we are a nation with many immigrants, but it should be done legally.

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