Does Illegal Immigration Pose a Terrorist Threat to the United States?

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  • They just want a fresh start.

    The United States have had immigrants coming over from their respected countries now for decades and decades. To me, immigrants are simply seeking out a fresh start, and they are well aware of how dominating of a country America truly is. They feel they can strive in this country and want a new beginning for themselves.

  • IIllegal immigrants are assets .

    The illegal immigrants come to work they are not terrorist. In fact, they commit less criminal acts than American citizen. Illegal immigrants are used as one of the excuses why America does not work . America need to take a hard look at themselves and determine if they are really an asset or encumberance to America.

  • No, not really.

    Many of the people who have performed terroristic acts in the United States and were immigrants from another country were people who were here legally on visas for school, work, asylum or other reasons. It has not generally been the undocumented immigrants who come here and commit the acts of terrorism.

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