• Without a doubt!

    People are very immoral. They preach about having morals then do the opposite of what they preach. People claim to be a Christian, but do not practice their belief except going to church on Sunday. For example, they are the first to judge someone else for their sin, but they commit the same sin every day!

  • Yes it does

    Yes, of course immorality exists in this world. This is akin to asking if there is evil in this world. If there is good, there is usually some evil to give the good a purpose. From all the things we hear of in this world from tragedies and unfortunate events, this is enough to show there is immorality in this world.

  • Yes, immorality exists.

    There are so many immoral people in this world. The shooting in Sandy Hook, the bombings of the world trade center and the Boston marathon. Then we have these young girls committing suicide because they have been raped and then bullied. How could we say immorality doesnt exist? We live in a very cruel time, yet we bring more children into this world to be subjected to this bullying.

  • Everyday, the horrible acts of others prove immorality exists.

    Immorality surrounds us on a daily basis. In general, someone may be moral but commit immoral acts. The countless children that are left starving everyday because of our need for iPhones and designer clothes is proof in itself. It's disgusting the things we allow to happen, and then we claim we our moral ourselves. We don't even know right from wrong anymore.

  • Yes. Immorality exist.

    It exist from Greek Mythology, Roman Mythology, e.t.c. It is in others people beliefs. Maybe because the believe in legends and obvisiously, myths. Don't you people get it immorality is in you. Why? Well, when you believe in it then it is in you, it is in your mind. Anyone agrees. ;D

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