Does imposing school uniforms prevent students from creatively expressing themselves?

  • Uniforms

    It stops them from showing their unique side and expressing themselves in ways uniforms can't . Being able to to express yourself and dress the way you like is everything to children in all age divisions . Fashion is the with the idea of FREEDOM of Self-expression and the unique quality of children.

  • Students need to be individuals.

    Most private schools are very strict about how students express themselves. You can't wear a jacket with writing, can't wear boots, or wear a hat, or wear shorts above your knees! Boys have less rights the girls, too. They can't pierce their ears, or shave their heads (girls too), they can't even have their hair lower than their eyebrows! You can't dye your hair either or off to the principles office for you! Students should be allowed to wear, style their hair, or accessorize the way they want, to make them feel good about themselves. Dying your hair isn't an act of being a rebel, it just saying, "I am my own person; this is who I am". So think about it. Do you want to be like everybody else, or do you want to be YOU?

  • YES!

    Students need to express themselvs in someway! Plus most kids have no other way to express themselvs!

  • Students like to follow trends

    Imposing school uniforms will not only impose discipline and create a better understanding of what to wear in schools but also if you set a standard for students to follow then they are more likely to because a/its more likely they will get caught if they don't and b/because if everyone else is following the uniform trend then so will they. Students like to fit in and to feel like they belong so if their friends are wearing the clothing appropriately then they will too.

  • We need to express ourselves.

    We cant look like ourselves, we all look the same. We need to be us and only us, not everyone else. I wouldn't want to be someone besides me. It would make me mad and that could get kids to rebel against the schools. Then kids will do bad things and might hurt each other.

  • No creativity in uniforms.

    All students need self-expression at school and uniforms do hot help it at all. It's not that uniforms are stupid. They're just dull, bland pieces of clothing that has no reason of being worn out in public.There is no reason uniforms for students shouldn't be created for schools' to copy off of.

  • We are people too!

    Adults in the workforce are able to wear the clothes they want, as long as it doesn't violate the organization's policy. As students in a school, as long as we don't violate school's policy, we should be able to wear the clothes we want. Although we are younger than our adult counterparts, we are people too, and we should be able to express ourselves in any manner that we want.

  • Yes!!!

    students are limited to there own expression when given uniforms to wear. yes there are other ways to express your self but riddle me this some schools like private schools have a certain way you wear your clothing with out any chance to express your self in any way. Also the high schools around my region with each day set rules on what is exceptionable, no grey jeans, no ripped jeans, no beanies, no khaki shorts, no capris and so on

  • School Uniforms Are Just Stupid

    School uniforms take away from students' right to express themselves. As a student it is hard to express yourself with all the enforced rules, and one of the ways that students do express themselves is through clothing. Taking that away and replacing it with a mandatory uniform will disable them from being able to choose for themselves in the future.

  • No Uniforms Needed

    I. Individuality is such an important part of a high school student’s life. This is one reason because if there is a uniform the individuality will conform, and that’s why TA should banish all uniforms from school without trying to add any additional laws other than uniform.

    A. Uniforms limit the individuality
    B. Uniforms Cause debt for the parents
    C. Uniforms change the behavior of the student drastically
    In the magazine called “No Uniforms Allowed”, it said uniforms limit the student’s ability to show his/her own individuality.
    II. Uniforms limit the individuality in a student because the student will not be able to express him/herself as a student can without a uniform. The students without uniform have the freedom to express who they are without following the crowd of conformity.
    A. Students with uniform will act as everyone else because they are dresses the same.
    B. Students will not be able to express how they behave without a uniform
    C. Students without uniforms will have the confidence because they’re different from everyone and they will not act as everyone else.

    III. Uniforms can also be expensive for the parents to afford. Many students have parents who don’t have jobs that can’t afford the uniform. Also Parents that pay for the uniforms don’t have the money for it and this can also cause a debt.
    A. Parents will have a massive bill to pay for the uniform.
    B. Student may come to school with part of the uniform missing.
    C. Students will not be able to go to school just because of the uniform.

    According to “No Uniforms Allowed” it says “The rising cost of school uniforms risks "breaking the bank" for poorer families as more state schools demand costly branded items and local authorities cut clothing grants. This means that plenty of families have suffered the cost of uniforms.
    IV. What can be a solution to our uniform problem?

    A. Have as period when students can wear any clothing they want for a month to increase the individuality in school.
    B. Drop the price for the uniforms so parents can afford the clothing.
    V. Conclusion
    To conclude uniforms can be a big change in school. Uniforms create many problems for the students and parents who send their child to a school with uniforms. For me I believe the only place that a uniform is needed is jail. Jail needs uniform because it gives control and prisoners can be spotted easier. Schools don’t need uniforms because in a source it showed students without uniform with a great behavior.

  • War on Uniforms

    Arggh!! I don’t feel like wearing a uniform today. It looks so boring. We shouldn’t have to wear this. I could be wearing the new outfit I got from the mall last week. The outfit just sits in my closet telling me to wear it. Ah so persuading. 
    I think they should change uniforms because it is a waste of money. Why when you have so many clothes in your closet have to go to the school and buy a dumb uniform shirt. Goodness I can’t wear my new shirt that keeps telling me to wear it. Plus to tell the truth I don’t like blending in with everyone. I mean no one here can stand out. Now I can’t even wear half my closet. The only time I wear my other clothes is on breaks and on weekends.
    Brrrrrr! It’s cold in my class. Good thing I brought my new red sweater. “Selena, you can’t wear that because it’s red.” said my teacher. I slowly took off my sweater and let my goose bumps go up again.  They have got to be kidding me right now. Uniforms have GOT TO GO!! They should be a law in the state if Georgia. They really need to go, you even get sent to the office for not wearing it.
    Two more years, two more years. I just can’t wait till I’m in high school. That’s when there are no uniforms. I can wear whatever I want. Well not really…. I can’t wear spaghetti straps or ripped jeans. In fact in my old school I didn’t have to wear uniforms for only 4 years when I went there. During 4th and 5th we had uniforms.  Yea…. I know it sucks. It’s hard to wear this every day because when you run out you have to wear something dirty. That wouldn’t happen if I could wear my other half of my closet. I always wondered why my principle thought that uniforms were a good idea.

  • Limit students' individuality

    Uniforms greatly limit how much students can express their individuality. Kids should start to learn how they want to represent themselves but uniforms don't let them. No one should tell you what you should wear and what you should not. They can make people feel fat, skinny,too tall, or to short, maybe even ugly.

  • School uniforms do not keep students from expressing themselves, because what one wears is not the only outlet one has for expression.

    School uniforms do not keep students from expressing themselves creatively. There are plenty of ways for people to express themselves creatively, without doing it in their manner of dress. Students may learn to write, play music, draw, dance, and all the many things that kids should learn when they're kids. School uniforms keep kids from ranking each other according to what they wear, and keeps them in the mindset to learn when they're at school.

    Posted by: tagapps
  • There is nothing that says you can only creatively express yourself by the clothes that you wear.

    Expressing yourself without the need for flamboyant or lewd clothing is an amazing talent. When one enters the work force, one is not allowed to simply wear whatever they feel like wearing to express themselves. You must dress and act professionally, and find other ways to express your individuality. This is a skill that should be engendered at an early age, and uniforms are one way that you can foster its development.

    Posted by: MariaR
  • Individuality not based on clothes.

    Just because you're earing different clothes to school doesn't mean the world is ending. Your priority at school is to learn, and not socialise, you have the weekend and afterschool for that. And you have the same friends, classes, and routine, just with different clothes. So what seems to be the problem?

  • I do not believe that school uniforms prevent students from expressing themselves, as there are many other ways of personal expression.

    School uniforms are not a deterrent to personal expression. There are many other ways for a student to express themselves. While the clothing they wear is a form of creative expression, it is a rather shallow form. A student who is made to wear a uniform can still creatively express themselves in various arts, including writing, photography, and theater, to name a few.

    Posted by: MonserratC
  • No, because clothes are not the only way a person can express themselves.

    I believe that school uniforms help students belong more. People are picked on and attacked over clothing every day in schools across the United States. If all students are dressed the same, then that will help cut down on the discrimination. Students will still be able to vocally express themselves.

    Posted by: Elliot Maxwell
  • I think that school uniforms do not prevent students from expressing themselves because it is only a small part of who they are.

    I believe that school uniforms encourage students to express themselves in other ways. Students believe they are expressing themselves with their clothing, but mostly they are following fashion and paying attention to what other kids are wearing. School uniforms take off the pressure of what to wear and allow students to find other ways to express themselves, such as through writing, art, music, etc.

    Posted by: NorAware
  • Creativity includes psychological or intellectual creation of something new. Wearing different types of dress is only a selection, nothing comes new from it.

    Rich people can wear different types of dress because they have enough money to purchase. But Poor children may have creativity even though they didn't wear different types of dress in school.

    Posted by: daylightd
  • No getting rid of distractions aids in creativity.

    School dress is a highly distracting issue at schools. Many children may dress in appropriately. Furthermore, some clothes will distract kids from their school work. I suppose it is somewhat limiting on a students expressing of oneself, but that expression often comes at the cost of being able to express or learn.

    Posted by: R43Shep

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