• Income can bring happiness.

    Income can bring happiness. Having a good income means that you can afford whatever you want in life. I think that without it and struggling people get depressed. It is nice to have a stable income and be able to enjoy things in life. Happiness can come from anything in life but it is nice to be able to go out and do whatever you want with your money.

  • Money leads to happiness.

    I hate it when people argue against the idea that money does not give happiness. Money gives you opportunity and time and both of those lead directly to happiness. If I didn't have to worry about bills I would focus on my passions and improving my life and those around me.

  • Money can indeed buy happiness.

    Money can indeed buy happiness. Some people think that the best things in
    life are free. They say that money doesn’t
    buy happiness. The next time you meet
    someone who talks like this, walk up to them and propose a test. Give some money to a homeless person, and I bet
    that it will make them happier.

  • Yes, income can bring happiness.

    Having income that is sufficient to your lifestyle could most definitely bring happiness to your life. Many people struggle a great deal because they do not have an income that will support the lifestyle they want to live. I personally would be much happier if I had a larger income.

  • Yes, it doesn't buy sadness.

    Yes, income brings happiness, because it opens a person up to more opportunities. If a person likes to travel, income can allow them do travel. If they like restaurants, they can use the money to eat out more. If a person is generous, they can use their income to give. Income lets a person do the things they think will bring them happiness.

  • Income does bring happiness.

    Income does bring happiness. With their income people can purchase their desired goods and services. They can also support their basic necessities of life such as food, housing, education, etc. Today's world is mostly run by money. Income allows the person to live his life to the fullest. Thus income brings happiness.

  • Haha.

    Income does bring happiness. People who believe otherwise; I have no idea what to say. I mean, what sounds like a better life: staying on the streets, crying for money every day, or staying in a luxurious mansion, with barely any worries in the world? I don't know about you, but I'd definitely want the latter.

  • Income Helps to Bring Happiness

    Certainly income helps to bring happiness. I'd say the more the income, the happier one is. Income is not always the main cause to happiness though. Without income there one would not be happy. In conclusion, one must realize that income is a contributor to much of one's happiness but by itself, it could not be considered the sole ingredient to happiness.

  • No, that's been shown so many times!

    Just because someone has high income does not mean they are happy. Yes, money makes things easier, but just being able to buy everything you want doesn't mean you are happy, even if thing are easy. True happiness never come from monetary means. How many studies do you need to convince you?

  • Income Does Not Bring Happiness

    A person gaining more income does not bring happiness. There are many people in this world that are very wealthy and miserable. All income does is relieve stress so people do not have to worry about paying bills, being stressed, and trying to maintain. Money cannot buy happiness in this world.

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