• Yes India is a spiritual leader of the world

    India was the most literate and spiritually advanced in the world when other countries were in barbaric and tribal condition. See the vast amount of sanskrit literature, vedas, upanisads,puranas,ethihasas, written for more than 5000 years before which stands as a guidance of the human population. People think that Hinduism is a religion just like christianity, islam etc. but it is not so. No body claimes to be authority of vedas and sanatha dharma which is spoken from the mouth of the world,s originator and sanskrit is the language of the Gods. People cannot study and understand the vast literature even during their entire lifetime. Hindiusm speaks of the entire human race in the world ,animals and other living and nonliving beings written for the welfare of the mankind with morals and code how to lead a purposeful life without wasting the same for material, sex and other pleasures of the world which are short lived and one has to make an introspection for what purpose he had come to this world, who is the creator and where he has to leave after his death. In spite of all medical and scientific advances of this world, nobody can overcome death ,accidents, diseases and sorrows of this world. Even though you amass wealth of billions in this world, he has to go empty handed as he came from his mothers womb. Your parents, wife and children are only copassengers in your life journey and they will get down when their station,destination comes. They are with you only as long as you have money power, health and once you are in deathbed no doctor or scientist can save you and even your dearest wife and kids will abandon you and may come only upto the graveyard. When you are in the ICU taking your last berth ,people can look to you only through the glass and nobody can help for your help. It is the law of nature and one has to leave this world when ripe/or before just like a ripe fruit falls atomatically from the tree.
    Religion, God or others cannot help you.

  • India has the potential to lead the world

    The country is so potential that within years it will lead the world both socially and economically.World's largest democracy has been thrived with that immense power.The most secure place in the world where you can live and lead a peaceful life...The country is blessed with many energetic youngsters and fresh brains.....To all those 'no monsters' i bet you that INDIA WILL LEAD THE WORLD BY 2020......
    MY COUNTRY MY PRIDE.............

  • The inherent strength is there

    The intelligent and hard working human resource are available in India. The people could rise to the occasion provided our political and social leadership inspires the masses to give their best to move the country forward. So a genuine and sincere leadership are wanted. There cannot be any compromise on that.

  • Yes we can yes we will

    I believe that india is one of the fastest growing economy , world's largest democracy, 65percent people below 35, huge number of doctor and scintests, innovative brains, it is just a matter of few years that india will rule the world. Because it is in our dna to be prosperous and superpower

  • India Growing to be a Superpower

    Currently, India's influence toward the rest of the world is slightly minimal but it has not decreased over the past several decades. Their continuing quarrel with Pakistan at times seems trivial, but due to the rising population and increased intelligence in the technological industry and healthcare, India is placing its pieces in optimal positions to lead in many big organizations. Although many of the population in India is in poverty they have over a billion citizens and therefore they have as much potential as countries like China and the United States.

  • Its Definitely Possible

    Because It Has Overcome Several Problems Along The Way. It Overcame World's Strongest Army, Britain by kicking them out of their country. It most definitely has what it takes to lead. Yes, Illiteracy and Poverty might be a problem but other than that its perfectly plausible for India to "rule" the world.

  • Nothing is Impossible!

    India definitely has the mighty power and the strength in order to conquer and rule the world.India is one of the fastest developing nation in the world. India has faced such vast crisis and has overcame them so swiftly, thereby proving it's capabilities. India has completely taken a stance against all the faulty loopholes which are found in any country like corruption, illiteracy and lots more. All these sign show positive future of India ahead and a day will surely come when India would be renowned as the "KING OF THE WORLD."

  • Yes, it does

    With its vast population and numbers of intelligent exports, India has the potential. If it can work through its cultural issues that hold people down in the castes they are born into, it would easily be able to rise up and play with the big dogs, so to speak. They could easily become a force to be reckoned with.

  • India has all it takes to be a leader

    Being in a situation to lead the world is a matter of having the right resources and the drive to make the world a better place. India has the population, the natural resources, and the work ethic to make a difference.

    India needs the infrastructure, the wealth, and the military, but as time passes, they can gain those things.

  • Yes, the potential is there

    There a lot of good things to say about the Indian Nation and people. They have more or less successfully blended together a number of different cultures into a relatively small living space. They also have an economy that is competitive in the world. Certainly the potential is there, but potential is different than achieving.

  • No, it doesn't

    While India has made vast improvements over the past couple decades, it is not yet in a position to become a leading global power. The lack of basic infrastructure throughout large portions of the country prevent it from making that leap.

    Until thorough modernization of roads, bridges, factories, etc. are not only in place but up to standard, there will always be a lag in India's growth. That's not to say that they will never gain this potential in the future, but as of right now they don't have it.

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