Does India need a strong military in order to become a superpower?

  • Of course. This question is tautological.

    What does it mean to be a superpower? It means to have a military force so strong that others do not dare to challenge it. During the Cold War, nukes fit the bill, so we had two superpowers, both of which had nuclear arsenals far larger than any other country in the world.

    Therefore, the question is not asking anything of value. It is akin to asking "Does the sky need to be blue in order to be blue?"

  • Yes we should

    The strong economy needs the strong military. History has taut us the same. The rich thinking & weak army wont last long, is what had seen from the example of Tibet. Survival skill at the wee hour blocks the process of economical rise so early preparedness is good for the country like India.

  • Not even close

    Substantially, India is not in the position to even be close to becoming a superpower with just a strong military. In fact there is a lot of development to be done and expansion to the country to become a superpower. For example, services, economy, poverty or famine needs to be low which doesnt exists in slums and a strong military is only so much to protection and invasion of the country but not the power of its economy or political views.

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