Does India need a young (yes) or an old (no) prime minister?

  • India Needs a Younger Prime Minister

    Without a doubt, India needs a younger prime minister that is more in touch with the country's current needs. A younger PM brings the benefit of knowing what the current generation is thinking and how that generation wants the country's direction to change. Therefore, a younger PM would be the best idea.

  • The next generation needs to live in the country not fight against the country

    Killing was never a option to gain power, but killing poor people is always a way to politics. I meant killing as a slow death for us. First you take out education then you take out jobs at last take out money from us. I am now thinking that I am not even a citizen of India right now. That's what people say because I did not register to apply for a ID (adhar card) card by my government. With these immediate changes you do, I am not sure for whom these are profited because at the end of the day I always get affected a lot. Still struggling to find a personal address by staying at a rented home. The land owner asks for raise in rent which you can't imagine, who I can see to make these things straight. After these long year's I found a answer NO ONE. People who live with politics do more what you are doing, People with power obey more than before for you superior, People who protect public always be there to block our only passage. I am going to suffer more than before. JAI HIND " This word only comes out from one who struggles to get freedom "

  • A change required

    India has all old prime ministers.
    They dont take STRICT (MEANS REAL STRICT) measures against scamster ministers.
    They are released within a month or year.
    If the total scam money was used for development of our country we would already have been developed by now.
    And getting satisfied and proud in small development is not the job of government .

  • India would be better off with a young prime minister - because - :

    It is very difficult for older persons of more-rigid societies to be fair and open-minded to what might be best for their people, IF the issue(s) at hand in present-day are presenting new challenges that an older person really has no personal experience, or "grasp," with. Older persons of these nations tend to be so much more afraid of change, and can be so negatively biased, without even fully realizing that they are being this way to the extent that they are. It would be so hurtful to a nation's, like India's, ABILITY to 'keep-up with the times;' ......To represent ALL their people fairly, and to truly grasp what is best for them !

  • A younger Prime Minister would be far more beneficial.

    While age is a subjective term and less important than manner, views and general moral fiber, someone from the younger generation would present fresher and more current views on the state of affairs. With the socio-political climate changing rapidly (and occasionally with little or no warning), someone in tune with the thoughts and views of the younger generation would be in a more receptive position to help guide the country's progress.

  • India needs a young prime minister.

    A young prime minister could be in office for the long run. They are usually healthier and their life expectancy would be so much longer. Yes, an older prime minister may be wiser, but what good is that if they die soon after taking office? It is the same with a pope. They die too soon. I'm not saying they should be in their 20's, or even 30's...But 40 is young enough, but also old enough to carry the responsibility.

  • Change in times.

    India needs to have a young prime minister so that the country can develop with the changing of the times. The older generation is stuck on their views, whereas the younger ones are more in tune with the need for female equality. This is the only way for the country to reach its full potential.

  • Today's generation seems to be in a state of confusion.

    Rapid economic growth has transformed the nation into a powerhouse but at the same time religious fundamentalism, overpopulation and poverty are eating away the fabric that binds the nation. Riots, scams and social kills have increased. A youth, usually a person not employed, not married does not know or understand the customs and etiquette of the elders and surely has no chance gaining any wisdom in serious matters of living and is usually called 'brashness' of youth.

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