• Rapists feel wretched!

    Raping surely is something which is worse than a sin.There should be harsher punishments for such atrocious people. How many of them are let off the hook? Why dont they suffer? Why free them? I strongly feel they must undergo intense pain and shot at the spot. Why should such innocent people suffer? Feeling deeply hurt thinking about their parents.

  • Raping is a horrible sin.

    Raping people is a horrible sin. Scums of society choose to rape people because they are inferior to the average humans. India needs harsher punishments for rapists to deter them from raping other people. You need to create an example of rapists to prevent this from continuing. It is horrible that India is not looking into this.

  • Old ways are hard to change

    India is stuck in a era of wanting to change but cannot because of how it clings to the old ways. For India to create harsher punishments for rapists, it will take a long time, and its going to take a lot of public interest, that it just does not have right now.

  • Definitely

    India recently has had a lot of bad publicity due to the world wide knowledge of how they react to rape. In India, the old system still hangs on in a death grip and it will take a long time for it to be fully reformed, though it appears that the younger generation is fighting for reform. Hopefully, they will start having desperately needed harsher punishments for such crimes.

  • They Really Do

    There is a reason that you continuously see and hear about rape in India. It is because the punishments and charges for those that rape are not harsh enough. They need to crack down in India before more innocent people get raped. There is no reason for there to not be a strict punishment.

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