• India needs nuclear power.

    Nuclear industry is becoming safer and more advanced over time, and Indian experience in operating the reactors have enhanced significantly. Transmutation of long living radioactive product is also being worked out so disposal should not be a great problem. Nuclear cannot replace renewable but can be an intermediate towards transition to solar or wind. At the same time nuclear industries generate radio isotopes which has medicinal and agricultural applications as well!

  • Indea Needs Nuclear Energy

    Yes, as an emerging power, India needs access to nuclear energy. I wish to point out that I mean nuclear energy, not nuclear weaponry, which no nation should have. India has a right to the sort of means of generating electricity that most Western nations, do, though, and this will help India excel in the world marketplace.

  • India needs nuclear power.

    India is too dependent on fossil fuels. The only practical solution to India's energy needs is to develop nuclear technology. If developing nations like India continue to rely on coal and oil, climate change and pollution will have catastrophic effects on the environment and the quality of life for their citizens.

  • It is equivalent to putting a time bomb in a crowded place

    We Indian are 1.25 crore and any error(natural or manmade )will result in unimaginable loss of innocent lives. For a tropical and developing country like ours it also becomes relevant to opt and invest in ever lasting and safe renewable sources of energy like solar,wind etc. It will amount to judicious use of our scarce financial resources and will lead to sustainable development

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