Does Individual Economic Opportunity Justify Legalizing Prostitution?

  • No Pimps Involved

    Prostitution can and should be justified by individual economic opportunity, but only if it was just as individual. Illegal prostitution is led and controlled by vicious pimps that are looking to make lots of money. They are part of the problem with prostitution. Get rid of the pimps, and the Prostitutes become self-sustaining working women who regain control of their bodies. As long as the prostitutes are independent, I'm thinking as independent as a real estate agent, Prostitution should be legal. As I might add, there will be a need to be laws protecting the prostitutes rights.

  • Given The Economy

    Given that a prostitute, if operating on her own, can build a lucrative business from nothing but her own natural resources, is a testament for the economic opportunity many women have been afforded or could afford, if only it were legal. Legalizing prostitution would probably benefit women more than anything.

  • Yes it does.

    Individual economic opportunity does justify the legalization of prostitution. Individual economic opportunity states that every individual has the same right to make money as anyone else. If someone wants to become a prostitute to make money, then it is their right to use or sell their body as they see fit.

  • Not on it's own, but in conjunction with legalizing marijuana

    In the same way that the USA doesn't allow cigarettes to be bought with food stamps, it's important to know that there are economic opportunities that also have problems for society. The classic view of legalizing prostitution is that many people would have sex with prostitutes instead of their wives.

  • No, it does not.

    Individual economic opportunity does not justify legalizing prostitution. People think that there is no victim when it comes to prostitution. There is actually a lot of sex trafficking as a result of prostitution. Teenage girls and boys are kidnapped and exploited. Prostitutes also get murdered and raped more often then the general public.

  • Not by itself

    I do no think that individual economic opportunity justifies legalizing prostitution on its on. I think there are several things, while put together, justify legalizing prostitution. I think that it is a tried and true profession that will not go away. If it were made legal, it could become more safe.

  • It does not justify prostitution

    No, I don't believe individual economic opportunity justify legalizing prostitution. I believe it should be legalized because it is profession that a large amount of people specialize in. It also brings in a decent income. It is one of those things that have been around will most likely not go away as long as someone is willing to pay for it. Legalizing would bring in more tax dollars as well.

  • Prostitution Should be legal, but not just for economic opportunity

    Prostitution should be legal, but for more complex reasons than simply individual economic opportunity. Although this would be a benefit of legalizing prostitution (as well as the government's ability to generate tax revenues from prostitution), the major benefit of legalizing prostitution would be providing safer working conditions for sex workers. Cities with legal prostitution can regulate prostitution businesses, to ensure that sex workers are there willingly, are not abused, and work in sanitary conditions.

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