• Yes, indoor air pollution causes lung cancer.

    I think that is a person is continually exposed to somebody who smokes that lives with them, it can cause problems and issues in the future. I think there are a lot of documented cases where second-hand smoking is a danger for a lot of people who don't even smoke.

  • People should be outside.

    Yes, indoor air pollution causes some types of lung cancer, because there are carcinogens in the air. Even the materials that are used to build the buildings let off particles that can cause cancer. People were never meant to spend that much time indoors. People would be healthier, with less cancer, if they spent more time outside.

  • yes it does

    Yes, i think that a lot of the pollution that people have go on in their own homes can cause lung cancer in them. I think that things like painting and smoking in your house will cause a lot of problems for you on down the road, and for others.

  • Yes, Indoor air can be a problem as well

    When I think about exposure to contaminated air, I usually think
    about outdoor air pollution. And outdoor air pollution is indeed one of
    the causes of lung cancer. But indoor air can be a problem as well. In fact, indoor air
    pollution appears to play a very important role in whether or not
    someone develops lung cancer - at least among non-smoking women in

  • Yes, indoor pollution must cause some types of lung cancer.

    Second hand smoke can cause some types of lung cancer. Exposure to second hand smoke does not always happen outdoors. Even though smoking is banned indoors in many public places, people who smoke in their homes could be polluting that air. This is just one example, but surely if there is pollution in the air outside, there must be pollution in the air indoors, as it's the same air circulating around.

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