• I Think It Does

    Scientists that are far more knowledgeable about this are debating it presently. I personally believe information that enters a black hole survives. I believe there is more to a black hole than we know about and I do not believe it is a sign of total destruction for everything that enters it.

  • Information does not survive if it enters a black hole

    It is my opinion that information does not survive after it enters a black hole. I feel that a black hole is such a strong force of nature that any sort of signal, data, or sound wave that enters it will not be able to physically stay intact or withstand such strong forces.

  • If they exist, probably would not survive.

    This is a flawed question, because we are attempting to answer a purely theoretical subject with opinion. We don't even know for certain if black holes exist. But if they do exist in the way researchers have suggested, then probably not. They believe that black holes consume everything, and that would include information.

  • No, it does not.

    It would not survive going through a black hole, rather it would come out as a new substance or information in this case. A black hole does not destroy matter, but rather is creates a different form of matter after it goes into the black hole. At least this is what Stephen Hawking has stated.

  • No, information does not survive if it enters a black hole.

    I do not believe that information survives if it enters a black hole. There is no proof that anything would survive if it were to enter a black hole. I think that unless more research is done, we cannot just assume such thing. I think that science hasn't advanced enough yet to figure this scenario.

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