Does inserting Parmesian cheese (Kraft, Publix bottles) into your frozen pizza cool it down upon cooking?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I think so but I don't know why

    I poured some Kraft into my pizza while it was cooking into the cookie sheet, and when it was done and ready for eating, I took out the two slices, and it wasn't so hot, as opposed to the temprature you get when you don't pour Parmesian. Is it true though?

  • My pizza didn't work

    I shoved my cream into the pizza and as I shoved and thrusted into the pizza I began to wonder why I was experiencing such an amazing feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. The pizza didn't cook right and I blame it on kraft. Their pizza made me enjoy myself. But the pizza tastes like a big soggy biscuit. I don't know why but it reminded me of my days at the fraternity and the initiation. I don't get it. Anyone have an explanation? But if your looking for fun... Pizza is the way to go!

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