• Yes, insider trading in Congress decreases trust.

    I definitely think that insider trading by Congress decreases trust in the government. I think that there shouldn't be such at thing going on. It is something that people should not have to put up with since we are supposed to trust our public officials. I think such acts should be punished.

  • Yes, I think insider trading by Congress decreases trust in Government.

    Overall I believe nobody should be able to conduct insider trading, I don't believe it's fair for anyone to be able to financially benefit from information that the average person does not have access to, I believe when we allow this in our Government it does lower the amount of trust we have in them.

  • Sure it does - why should they consider themselves special?

    Insider trading by Congress not only decreases the public's already decreasing trust in Congress, it also builds significant resentment that they would consider themselves so elite as to be above the law and the public they were elected to serve. Nothing is so arrogant and self serving as a person who considers himself entitled.

  • Yes, insider trading by Congress decreases trust

    Yes, insider trading by Congress decreases trust in government. These people are supposed to be public servants putting the welfare of the American people first. Unfortunately, too many of those elected to Congress are much more concerned with lining their own pockets than making a difference in this country and helping their fellow Americans. Insider trading by Congress shows how selfish and untrustworthy, not to mention arrogant and dismissive, that those charged with creating the laws of this country are.

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