• Hundred percent sure

    It definitely ruins society.People nowadays forgot what it feels to live the moment and capture things ,and uploading them to useless insta stories ,just to prove that they're fine and have fun.Moreover it can be addictive and hard to low the use of it.It makes us feel that we can't live without, especially adolescents.

  • Billion dollars for a box

    This company is another tentacle in the monstrosity known as over valued stock and hype cooperate America. Another cog in the Ego driven machinery that promotes a box around a picture to be of more importance and a measure of human worth than spending time and a billion dollars on a host of other issues that plagues this country. Essentially Instagram is analogous to a disturbingly, disgustingly and grossly obese overly hyped coach potted teenager frint in center on stage amidst a plethora of flashing limelight cameras who is munching down hundreds of cream filled pastries at the encouragement of friends and family.

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