Does insurance play too big of a role in the U.S. healthcare system?

  • They Are Part Of The Problem

    Insurance companies play too large of a role in the American healthcare system. They are for-profit businesses intent on making money, and profit margins do not always lead to better healthcare. This is symptomatic of the problems in politics today. Not everything can or should be run as if it were a business.

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  • Of course it does

    Go to the emergency room some time. Insurance? No problem, small co-pay, hope you feel better. No insurance? No problem, hope you feel better, expect a bill that'll make your head explode shortly. It's ridiculous, while I completely understand rewarding people that have insurance, shamelessly gouging people that don't isn't right and is based off of nothing other than the knowledge that they can get away with it.

  • Yes, insurance plays too big of a role.

    The huge problem with health insurance is that insurance makes its money by clients not using their policies, but just about everybody uses and needs health insurance. To make a profit insurance companies have to provide inadequate services to their members, or in some cases no service at all. We should be demanding socialized medicine from our government.

  • Insurance plays too big of a role in the U.S. healthcare system.

    Insurance plays way too big of a role in the U.S. healthcare system. Insurance companies basically have a monopoly when it comes to people being able to afford healthcare. They continue drive up the prices for routine procedures and doctors visits. Most people cannot afford basic healthcare without insurance, and this means insurance companies have too much power.

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