Does intelligence quotient reflect an individual's whole intelligence?

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  • Intelligence quotient reflects a person's capacity for only a certain type of intelligence.

    Intelligence quotient is not an all-encompassing reflection of intelligence. For the most part, it tests for the ability to detect patterns and use logical reasoning to solve problems or puzzles. This is not the same thing as knowledge, which can be garnered by anyone disciplined enough to put in the effort to attain it regardless of IQ. It also does not test creative intelligence, which is a different type of intelligence altogether.

  • Nope

    I believe that there are multiple types of intelligences. An I.Q. only represents the ability to learn, not the ability to function. Allow me to elaborate: I, personally, am a very language and math oriented person. I am very articulate, and was always very good at math. But, if you ask me to read a sheet of music, paint a picture, identify the meter in a song, or sculpt an image of a celebrity, I would be 100 % lost. There would be no hope. So, really, I am quiet stupid when it comes to art and music, while some (not all, by any means) musicians and artists would be morons when it comes to Algebra and beginners Spanish.

    "Everyone is a genius. But, if you judge a fish's intelligence on how well it can climb a tree, it will live it's whole life thinking that it is an idiot" --Albert Einstein (a very smart man ;) )

  • No.

    Without a doubt, no. According to some random IQ test I took when I was just a little babby, I'm of genius level intelligence. Anyone who has interacted with me can quite easily tell I am not functionally of genius level intelligence. Therefore, intelligence quotient is not an accurate reflection of intelligence.

  • There is no single test that can measure all a child's abilities

    Each child has a variety of skills, some are measurable with testing and others are not. iQ tests can never be accurate because they are based on learned skills, this as much tests the skills a child has been exposed to than it does their ability to learn.

  • Does intelligence quotient reflect an individual's whole intelligence?

    No, this is studpid idea to judge someone with the test prepared by another. IQ doesn't really represent all communities and societies Intelligence is how you respond to your environment it is about culture, skill, knowledge behavior etc it is not about paper and pen or computer mastering

  • No, IQ reflects only certain kinds of intelligence.

    Intelligence quotient is a good measure of some kinds of academic intelligence. However, it does not measure things like intuition, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, and other things that are also part of someone's makeup and contribute markedly to how well they succeed in school and elsewhere.

    Posted by: R3yGoobIe
  • No, because people learn in different ways and are, therefore, intelligent in different ways.

    Some people are very intelligent in everyday ways, but are not book smart. I know someone who can wire up a power plant, but failed to pass the ninth grade. So, you don't have to have a high IQ to be smart.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader

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