Does investing aggressively (yes) or sitting back passively (no) grow your money more?

  • Sitting back will grow your money more.

    I think that sitting back right now and leaving your money to grow will help raise more money in the long term. There is a strong need for people to invest in this economic climate and make sure not only that their money is safe but that it's not spent on the wrong things.

  • Investing aggressively grows money quickly

    While sitting back in a passive state may grow your money at a constant rate, it is often slower than investing aggressively. With investing, you may see profits rise at a high rate but something to be noted is that there is also a risk for loss. Investing is almost like gambling and you might lose.

  • The fastest way to grow your money is by investing aggressively.

    The fastest way to grow your money is by investing aggressively. Now investing aggressively doesn't mean you have to invest unwisely. To be gain the maximum growth from your aggressive investments they have to be very well vetted before you put your money in. You have to know and understand the risks of the investment you are making.

  • Yes, investing is the better way.

    Investing will make you have an immediate turnover in profit. While passive income may take awhile to get a substantial amount, but passive income is reliable. Depending on how you invest may get you more or less money but you have to be smart when investing. Sometimes passive income makes more in the long run, but investing can make you money quickly.

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