Does Iran pose a threat to the security of the United States?

  • Yes, Iran does pose a threat to the security of the United States.

    Historically, Iran has posed a very serious threat to the security of the United States. Since that threat has only been placed on the back burner for decades, it is logical to assume that the historic threat is ever present in the now. It will be up to the United States to end the threat once and for all.

  • Yes, but who knows how far it goes

    If you listen to the media, the answer to this question is obviously yes. But the question is to what extent is this true. The reason being is we only really hear the feedback we get out of the media, and its hard to tell how much of this is the media trying to push a story or its truth.

  • Yes, but in what vain who knows

    To be honest, there seems to be enough evidence out there to think that Iran is a threat, but the question is how much of this evidence is true or speculation and this I do not think there is a easy answer for. We can play the guessing game all that we want, but until someone can get in there.

  • Reading your comments show how brainwashed you are by the media

    I don't think Iran is a threat to the US at all! In fact, Iran didn't invade a country for like more than 270 years! That's a lot, considering all the wars that happened in the last century. Also, all intelligence agencies AS WELL AS the international atomic agency that's connected to the UN universally agree that Iran has no nuclear program. EVEN if it had, so what?? A lot of countries have nuclear weapons in store for decades now, including America, Brazil, Korea, and Germany, to name a few. But they're not considered a threat now, are they?
    P.S. Did you know that Iran has the 3rd largest Jewish population?
    The world is such an ironic place

  • No, not to us

    The media seems to think Iran is a major threat to the United States homeland security and keeps presenting the situation as such. The truth behind the matter is that Iran took our drone that was spying on them and used it to further develop their own technology. Already trolled about what the United States has done in the Middle East, they see this as a means of revenge: Using our own technology as their own. However, the media is overlooking one major detail. The United States is not Iran's main target. There is one country that Iran hates more than they hate the United States to the point they wish it didn't exist. That country is Israel. They feel that the Jewish population doesn't belong in their homeland, and as the Muslim doctrine doesn't preach anything about sharing a holy city with others whom have shrines and historic places there, they want Israel knocked off the map. If Iran built a nuclear warhead, there's no way they could circumnavigate the world with it to drop it on a major city in America. They'd take it close to home and dump it on Jerusalem to end what they see as a problem. Iran is developing the technology, but at a slower place than the United States. The U.S. could easily counter whatever the Iranian government chooses to send our way, and Ahmadinejad would go ballistic when nothing goes his way. Iran isn't capable of causing major damage to the U.S. because they'd get caught in a hurry if they tried anything. Radar and allies in Europe and Asia can easily dispose of the problem - or warn the Pentagon. Iran poses a major threat to Israel given the proximity, but as the American troops are out of Iraq and the numbers are dwindling in Afghanistan, what can they do to Americans without doing anything to their friends? As a nation, we need to protect our allies, so Iran needs to remain under surveillance. That way, they can be countered easily should they try anything. They're like North Korea, acting like they're a big dog when all they are is a mini poodle.

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