• Greatest Liberation of

    Iraq will be remembered as one of the greatest liberations of the 21st century. In 10 years, Iraq has an established federal constitution, based around the universally accepted principles of a Democracy. With avid supply of economical foundation, with its oil and the securing against Fasciscm, civil war and instability.

  • Iraq does have a future.

    Iraq is a nation of tribes and ethnic and religious groups that have been grouped into one nation whose borders were determined primarily by Europeans. Iraq's future rests primarily on the ability of the Iraqis to settle their political and religious differences by themselves, as Europeans as recently as the 20th century (the dissolution of the Austro-Hungarian Empire). If the Iraqis succeed, then they can exploit their oil reserves for their own benefit rather than being beholden to the Europeans and Americans who originally developed the Iraqi oil industry. This can allow the Iraqis to gradually develop all their resources and infrastructure for their own benefit and become more active partners in regional and world affairs rather that being mired in sectarian feuding.

  • Iraq has a Future. On their own.

    Years of War as left them distilled and wanting change and I really feel that with our troop there to help getting the country back on its feet. But with all of the anti-american words said by the Iraqi president, I have my doubts, but It'll happen without fail, lets just hope they can do Diplomacy.

  • No, Iraq's future is limited.

    I believe that Iraq right now is not doing especially bad but I also think that the idea of a nation state is simply a fad of our era of history. We will probably look back on this period much like we now look at the late Roman Republic era of classical antiquity, which although populated by a number of kingdoms around the Mediterranean Sea we see as dominated by Rome.

  • Democrats, Dragons or Drones?

    Depends on what you define as a future. Will they have a future as a Democracy? No!
    Will they have a future as an Islamic republic like Iran? Most definitely!
    If Iraqis could demonstrate that, once their dictator was removed, the constituent communities of Iraq (Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Turkmen, Christians) could forge their own social contract for living together peacefully — rather than being ruled brutally from the top down — then some kind of democratic future was possible throughout the Arab world.
    That possibility is yet to be fulfilled. We toppled the dictator in Iraq. The people have done the same in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and, soon, Syria, but the same questions hang over all of them: Can they produce stable, decent, representative governments? Can Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians — or secularists and Islamists — live together as citizens and share power? If so, democratic politics has a future in this region.
    If not, the future will be a Hobbesian nightmare, where the iron-fisted dictators are removed but are replaced by rival sects, gangs and tribes, making impossible the decent governance needed for human development for millions of Arabs.

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