• They need help very fast.

    They need help very fast or else a lot of people will die.They are being starved to death and are slaves.They need the state to save them .They need new clothes and what is the worst thing ever is that they are kidnaping kids and macking them kill people and it is sad. They really need help at this point!

  • Yes, Iraq needs help

    Yes, Iraq needs help. Iraq has suffered many years of war and unrest and has not had sufficient time to build up the resources and infrastructure needed to suppress the rebels on its own. It is important that the international community supports Iraq in order to maintain peace and democracy in the region.

  • Yes, Iraq needs the support of a developed nation.

    While Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003 was not entirely necessary or successful, the intervention for current circumstances is. ISIS, the Islamic extremist group, has infiltrated major Iraqi cities, killed hundreds, and caused general unrest in the area. While the US has its own issues to worry about, we must consider the suffering of the Iraqi people and send in some sort of aid to help lead them to democracy.

  • Iraq needs help and support

    I do feel that Iraq needs help and support. So much damage had been done by the outsiders who wet win the nation. To turn and way away now and leave them to resolve all the issues without any support is wrong. If we helped to create the issues, we should be there and supporting them to get over it.

  • Iraq in no need of outside help at present

    The situation in Iraq is at the moment purely a domestic matter with the conflict being between different factions with their different beliefs within the country. Any attempt to help will be interference and will drag us into further conflict which is against our best interests as a nation. They need no more help than other countries that find themselves in the same situation and we don't send military to those countries.

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