• Not compatible with democracies

    Islam is a cunning religon that uses democracy against itself. It very conveniently use principles of democracy to justify their own autocracy of enforcing strict dress codes, killing homosexuals etc. So in other words we should be tolerant of intolerance?! I'm sorry but that's not how democracy works! Certain tenants of Australian / European or American culture are NON NEGOTIABLE! Islam nor any other Abrahamic religion has any place in the 21st century. Europe's fastest growing religion ain't pig dirty Islam, Its Atheism. And for these reasons; They all justify oppressing women, homophobia, antisemitism, anti democrat, anti freedom. Its a dangerous cult that believes in a genocidal desert God that wants a monopoly of faith. So what if people worship idols? That's called Individual freedom. So what if people are gay? That's individual and collective freedoms. These desert dwellers would never wake up... They are brainwashed and ignorant as blind bats that want the morals of 1400 years ago. 

  • Islam can't stand democracy.

    Yes, it's a proven fact that Islam is not compatible with democracy. Look at the Middle East, where Islam is the majority religion. How many nations there are democracies? How many nations there are some form of theocracy, whether it be parliamentary or based on a monarchy? Muslims don't want democracy.

  • Yes, it does

    Traditional, by the book Islam has no place in this current climate. It is outdated, at times barbaric, and almost exclusively sexist. It deters progress that can be made in the world that we live in today. That doesn't mean all followers of it are bad, far from it, but the teachings are extremely misplaced in 2014.

  • All religions deter Democracy

    Not only does religion seem to contradict itself, but clearly the modern people who follow religion, contradicts what their books of worship says with their own prejudices. That is the bad thing about Islam or any religion is it is based on faith and not logic. You have to be able to separate the two if you want a true democracy. So yes, all religions deter democracy, including Islam.

  • Islam Against Democracy

    Islam does deter democracy by its very core values. One could say that Islam and democracy are polar opposites, but that's not necessarily the case. Still, democracy and Islam have been at odds for decades now as evidenced by various conflicts. Islam is more against America than it is against democracy, though.

  • No religion deters democracy

    Religion can be used to hold up any type of government. There are Christian religions that were held up by theocracies, monarchies, dictatorships, and now democracies. I think that it doesn't matter what the religion is, sometimes there are going to be involved with different political systems. Islam is no exception.

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