Does Islam justify terrorism: Are terms like "Muslim Terrorists" and "Muslim Extremists" accurate?

  • Death in Name of Jihad and Allah

    Muslim terrorists and Muslim extremists are accurate terms because killings are done in the name of jihad on behalf of Allah. With the promise of getting to heaven and financial prosperity for someone's family, Muslim terrorists go to camps to learn how to kill infidels and how to become suicide bombers. These terms are just as accurate as Protestant terrorists in the IRA-fueled terrorist attacks in Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s.

  • Without Muslim Religious Influence, These Terrorists Don't Exist

    The excuse for Muslim terrorism lies in the concept of "jihad" against oppressors. Without this Muslim influence, many of these terrorists wouldn't exist. Using religion to back a cause is just an excuse--what it comes down to is economics and money. Someone wouldn't walk into a crowded mall and blow himself up for nothing! These suicide bombers are promised large sums of money for their families in exchange for acts of suicide missions. Poverty is what drives these terrorists, although it is masked under the guise of Allah's will.

  • In a sense, yes but overall, no.

    Obviously the terrorists we are facing are muslim, but THAT DOES NOT MEAN that all Muslims are terrorist. People who believe they are have the same ridiculous mindset that was in place when we imprisoned Japanese Americans during WWII. Does the religion emphasize murder? Yes. But so does Christianity and many other religions. Has everyone forgotten the Salem Witch Trials, The Reconquista, the Spanish inquisition and all of the dark ages? Billions have died in the name of a Christain god. There are extremists and militants in every group. But the religion itself has nothing to do with acts of terrorism. A book doesn't promote Terror, people do. A religion doesn't kill people; people do. Just call them terrorists. Tacking "Muslim" in front of every crime is a way for ignorant people to commit hate crimes of their own in the name of "nationalism" or the American equivalent of terrorism. Muslims aren't destroying our country, terrorists are. Arabs aren't hurting America, Americans, in all their simple minded fear, are. Stop holding yourself above others, you hypocrites! Stereotypical labeling and Fear of Muslims don't stem from any act of terrorism, but from a fear of diversity in faith. We should just call it terrorism, not "Muslim extremeism" or "Muslim terrorism". Open your eyes, and see the people, not the stereotypes.

  • No, No and NO

    War is repeated 36 times in Quran, peace is repeated 67 times. Real Islam teaches peace and non violence. In the bible there was much more killing and war than in the Quran. If you believe people are able to say Muslim Terrorists then they have much more right to say Christian Terrorist when talking about the KKK and other Christian Extremist organizations.

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