Does Islam justify terrorism: Does Quran provide justification for terrorism?

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  • No. Islam is meant to be a peaceful religion.

    No. The religion of Islam was never meant to propose terrorism as a way for it's followers to convert non-believers. The Koran actually is similar to the Christian Holy Bible, in that it encourages peace and tolerance for all mankind. Extremist regimes have contorted the pages of the Koran to prey on unsuspecting people to believe that terrorism is justified, but this simply isn't true.

  • No, Islam is not by nature a terrorist religion.

    Almost any religion (think about the Old Testament also called the Hebrew Scriptures) has its violent parts that seem to see their way as the only way. But those parts need to be put into historical context. The spirituality of Islam, as witnessed by the Sufi movement, is one of peace and mysticism.
    However, it can be misused for political and power reasons.

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