Does Islam justify terrorism: Is the term "Moderate Muslims" accurate?

  • There are moderates of all religions

    The term "moderate Muslims" is no different from "moderate Christians" or "Conservative Jews" or any other reference to a middle of the road practice of a religion. In most religions there are fundamentalists, moderates and liberals, and Islam is no different. I am not sure what that has to do with terrorism because Islam does not actually support terrorism in any way, that is an example of misguided people using religion as an excuse for violence. Unfortunately humanity has a long history of that as well.

  • All religions religous texts justify terrorism in some way

    All religious texts are filled with hatred and terrorism, so to single out one religion is wildly unfair. It could be said that the Bible or the Torah or numerous other texts support terrorism, and it could be shown throughout history that many other religions have committed terrorism. Islamic terrorism is far overblown.

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