• Might be so

    Hydrophobic means that some cellular properties which inhibit the entry of water. Nevetheless, Islamophobic can mean fear and ignorance regarding Islam(but not hatred, because there are no struggles internally and externally). People ought to step it up and scrupulous respond to issues about Islam and Muslims while acknowledging the fact that Islam is by no means intrinsic to American and Western culture.

  • Yes, Islam itself is not the problem.

    People who hear or who hate Muslims do not understand that Islam itself is not the problem. The fundamentalist understanding of it can be a problem, as it can be in every other religion of the world. Literalism breeds hatred and exclusion, and that is the problem. The focus should not be on Muslims or the faith of Islam.

  • Yes the term "Islamophobia" does lack a clear definition.

    "Islamophobia" is relative new term, within the past 15 years or so, for a dislike or hatred of Muslims or anyone perceived to be a Muslim. While usage of Islamophobia is common across all forms of the news media no one has definitive guidelines for usage of the term. This has resulted in it being used to encompass every actual and imagined act of hostility against Muslims.

  • Yes, Islamophobia lacks a clear definition.

    Just like many of the other terms that are used to show a definite bias the term Islamophobia could mean many different things to different people. A person who is against Islam may in no way be against the people who profess Islam, however they are seen as having a fear of Islam by being labeled an Islamophobic. Having passionate beliefs about a religion does not make someone 'afraid', which is what the term phobia means, but because the definition has been perverted, no one is allowed to hold opinions against Islam.

  • It seems to mean 'disagree with Islam'

    If we were calling out people who were irrationally against Islamic people, regardless of the degree of their belief, then I would agree with the way it is going, even with the inappropriateness of the term phobia.

    However, given that the term is used to speak out against anyone who has any disagreement or commentary on Islam other than 'religion of peace' my only conclusion can be that people are virtue signalling. It is ridiculous to say that disagreement with the fundamental ideas behind an ideology constitutes a phobia. Even more ridiculous, given what people are doing in the name of that religion.

  • It's a slur

    Islamophobia is made up term used to bludgeon those criticize Islam.

    It portrays the idea that those who criticize Islam, do it out of an irrational fear or a phobia. Islamic extremism is a dangerous ideology and has a large number of active folloers and an even larger number of passive supporters.

  • No, it doesn't

    When somebody uses the term, you know what it means. It's not really something that mandates a specific definition separating people who fit certain criteria from those who do not, if the term is being brought up alongside your name, it's probably for a valid reason. It doesn't need a clearer definition.

  • I Found A Definition Quickly

    The definition for Islamophobia reads as: a hatred or fear of Islam or Muslims, esp. when feared as a political force. It's a new word I had never heard of, but obviously it has a clear definition that I believe is representative of the words parts. I think it could easily describe a number of Americans, unfortunately.

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