• The AIPAC helps to pay for the presidents campaigns.

    For a president to become famous and gain votes he or she needs promoters. One of the biggest promoters is the AIPAC which is a pro zienest group. To gain the support of AIPAC, the presidents must aggree to their conditions. Notice how both the democrats and republicans both support Israel. The democrats and republicians have many of the same major political stands since they both need the support of groups such as the AIPAC. What a pathetic democracy, the people have to chose between two parties with the same mjor policies.

  • It's vice versa

    Israel has backed the US on all UN rulings, most of which have been abstentions. If Israel falls out of line, all the USA has to do is give a whiff that the military aid will stop and Netanyahu's little fiefdom will step back into line no bother. If the aid is withdrawn, Israel will cease to exist as a country.

  • I think no

    So many ruomors about it, I think this two are just partners in case any possibility they support each other and in the midle east USa need someone to be the eye of the usa and that one is israel.

    Israel is his eye and point like the 51st state and as a payment the usa does what they want. In the middleeast israel knows what to do better than the usa because they are situated there and they tell the usa what to do as an advice and the usa does it. IMO

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