Does Israel have the right to destroy holy places?

Asked by: Takwa
  • Against the Muslims

    Yes, because they're protecting their people. If they blow a nuke in the middle of a mosque it shouldn't matter because the Muslim community would do the same thing. Multiculturalism is a cancer and the fact that the world has become so open and accepting towards these cowards sickens me. Muslims don't deserve to breathe.

  • It Depends on the Situation

    If the HAMAS regime is willing to stoop as low as to put missile sites next to residential areas and mosques, then Israel should not be condemned if they blow that site up if HAMAS is using that site to fire at Israel. Http://www.Breitbart.Com/Big-Peace/2012/11/18/Bloggers-Catch-More-Dead-Child-Fakery-by-Hamas

    Should Israel blow up holy sites arbitrarily or if they have another solution? No! If HAMAS wants to play dirty and put missile sites in civilian areas though, blowing up that missile site is fair game if it means protecting Israeli civilians.

  • How can we allow this to happen?

    This must not happen, this is a very important and sacred place to the Muslims. How can we do this to these people? Whatever religion you are, How would you feel if people did this to you? In moments like this, as people, aren't we trying to be better as a society? Do not take this away from them. Religion is very important to many people! To have this holy place torn down, is out of the question!

  • Most Definitely Not

    I can't understand why this is even a debate on here. The obvious answer is no. I can't really think of any good reason to demolish a holy site. There are hundreds of holy cites in Israel, including Jewish (majority), Mulsim, and Christian. Is it right to destroy them? No. But I honestly cannot think of a single time that the Israeli government has destroyed a holy cite. Their desperate situation for global respect would worsen even further if they did. The real issue are the radical Muslims in and around Israel. They do not hesitate to destroy Jewish and Christian holy cites. We need to wake up people. Israel is not the problem. The problem is caused by the radical Muslim alliance in the region.

  • Destruction of Holy sites

    This should never be in the case of an war to destroy ancient and historical sites where people come to expand their religious beliefs see this as another way to progress aggressive wars to high point by destroying a holy site can make people mad to a high peak .Personally if someone was trying to destroyed a sacred site of which I believe in , I would defend this location with my life.

  • It is Respect

    There are two ways to look at this. The first way is that Palestinian land is not and will never be rightfully owned by Israel, since they have been basically raping Palestine for the last decade. Therefore, it is not their right to destroy places that are not their's. The second way to look at it is that even if they truly own these lands they should have some respect for these sacred and historical places just as Spain has done with the Islamic historical buildings that exist on its lands.

  • Is that peaceful Israel ??

    "al-Aqsa Mosque" refers to the entire Noble Sanctuary.[56] The mosque is believed to be the second house of prayer constructed after the Masjid al-Haram in Mecca.
    A number of archaeological excavations at the Temple Mount — a celebrated and contentious religious site in the Old City of Jerusalem — have taken place over the last 150 years. The first were undertaken by the British Royal Engineers in the 1870s.[1]
    Since Israel took over control of the Old City in 1967, archaeological excavations in the vicinity of the Mount have been undertaken by Israel and the Waqf. Both excavations have been controversial and criticized. Israeli excavations have also sparked demonstrations and objections in the Muslim world. Israeli and Jewish groups have criticized excavations conducted by the Waqf, the Muslim authority in charge of the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

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