• Most moral country

    Israel is an amazing state of equal rights to all. Israel fairly won all their land in wars and constantly fights terrorism on a dailyy basis. Israel has had some of the most innovative inventions of recent years, iSRAEL is an amazing place. Thank God for Israel. LcHAIM Mazel Tov

  • Yes, its the land of the Israelis

    For starters, Israel is the Holy and biblical land of the Jewish people, so it has always been theirs from the start. Over the millennia, they have faced persecution and have suffered from diasporas. In 1948, Israel was granted independence as a Jewish state so it could be a place of refuge for the millions of Jews who had faced anti-Semitic persecutions by the Nazis and others. Because of its long and biblical history, Israel has the complete right to exist, and as a Jewish state.

    Now politically, you might say that the Palestinians should have their own state. Palestinian Arabs had control of this land after Islam was founded. You might also parallel this to the Native Americans, and how the European settlers took their land. But in politics, it is about what kind of a player you are on the world stage. Israel is a major economic and military power, and is very important to the US. As an American, I support whatever keeps us and our allies safe and strong, for I believe that we must reign as the strongest influence in the world. Just like the Natives, a superior early US was able to conquer the land and accomplish our God-given right of Manifest Destiny.

  • They definitely do

    First let me clarify that when Jews started heading back to their homeland after World War 2 they were an oppressed and persecuted people. Contrary to popular belief they did not steal the land from the palestinians. When they arrived the Arabs peacefully gave them the worst land they had not caring what happened to them. The jews gladly took the land and produced a miracle, a thriving metropolis that is lush and fertile and prosperous. The arabs are now jealous of the Jews success. An example is this. During a war with Syria the Israelites took huge amounts of land. Later they returned the land as a gesture of good will. They left hundreds of advanced greenhouses open for Syrian use. These Greenhouses were incredibly advanced and would have increased Syria's food supply by a great amount. The Syrians barbarically destroyed the greenhouses despite what the Israelites did to alleviate tensions. Israel is a great and just nation and has a right to exist.

  • Do it want it to? No. Do they have right to? Yeah.

    The right to exist is said to be an attribute of nations. According to an essay by the nineteenth century French philosopher Ernest Renan, a state has the right to exist when individuals are willing to sacrifice their own interests for the community it represents. Unlike self-determination, the right to exist is an attribute of states rather than of peoples. I'm not going to waste time on citing evidence for "individuals are willing to sacrifice their own interests for the community it represents", but the Arab-Israeli wars seem sufficient. The Jews want to be there; they've made an effort to be there; they have the right to.

    Personally, my opinion on whether I *want* them to be there or not is "No". I am agnostic, and retain animosity for this religious conquest.

  • It Most Certainly Does

    I am very passionate about this topic, as a Jew with Israeli heritage. I will not say much, because when I do, I end up getting very angry. I want to keep this debate calm and peaceful, even if the contrary is inevitable. I believe that Israel has the right to exist for many reasons. The first is quite cliche. It is the Jewish homeland. Telling Jews that they cannot having Israel is like telling Muslims that they must forfeit Mecca and Medina. Furthermore, Israel was legally voted to become a sovereign Jewish state in 1948. There was nothing illegal about its becoming a state. Moreover, people conquer lands all the time. Whether this interferes with your morals, whether they be educated or not, is non-negotiable. Basically, the Jews are in charge of the land again, and there isn't anything you can do about it. The same argument can be made for virtually any other nation, such as America. And to be quite honest, the real reason for this conflict is not about border disputes. It is because Israel is the one and only Jewish state. Believe it or not, but anti-semetism is still alive. And it surrounds Israel on all borders.

    Ladies and gentlemen, all that I ask of you is that you please keep this a friendly debate. No name calling, racism, stereotypes, or hatred of any form is allowed on here. Please keep it nice. Perhaps if we set a good example, politicians will learn from us and do the same. Thank you, and happy debating!

  • A vicious slander

    I don't think this debate has the right to exist. Who asked you if Israel has the right to exist? Does Australia have the right to exist? Does the USA have the right to exist? Does New Zealand have the right to exist? Does Israel have to respect the rights of the Palestinians? Yes, of course. Does the USA have to respects the rights of Native Americans and African Americans? Yes, of course. Does Australia have to respect the rights of the aborigins? Yes, of course. But how dare you question Israel's right to exist? This is an illigitimate question , based on hate and brutality

  • Yes they do

    I think that they do have a right to exist, if a man have no right in his own house, how can he have the right in another man house? If a man was force from his own house and was burn out of it, because of some bad war mongers and after a certain time he return, how is it that he should not have the right to return and rebuild his house and live in it peacefully?

  • Israel has a right to exist

    The Jews have been living in the region of Israel for thousands of years. However, since they were taken conquered by the Babylonians in the 600s BC, they have rarely had their own sovereignty in the area. They were then ruled by Persia, then the Greeks, then the Romans, and then the Arabs. Under each of thise empires, Israel itself was not a region, but it was lumped into this region often known as "Palestine" (which actually gets its name from the Philistines). The majority of the people in this Palestine Region were Arabs in recent history, but but most of those Arabs were living in the part of Palestine that was part of what is now Jordan. After the fall of the Ottomans in WWI, the British divised this mandate into two: Israel, and Transjordan. This is because the Jews were still living in Israel and the Arabs of the land were living mostly in Jordan. Even throughout the 1300 years that the Muslim empires ruled the land, the Jews still existed in Israel as a majority.

    Since she was created, Israel has won her independence fairly and she has won every war fairly. Therefor, Israel's claim to that land is perfectly legitimate Biblically and Politically.

  • Yes they do but...

    I think that Israel has every right to be a nation, it would be quite discriminatory for us to say that they can't exist as a peaceful nation. However, they shouldn't necessarily occupy the holy land because God exiled the Jews due to them breaking the first commandment and doing idol worship. God then sends forces to exile them due to their disobedience and therefore fulfilling his promise of a punishment. This alone should make any sensible Jew to see that they should not occupy the holy land. An argument that you might give for Jews occupying the holy land is that God promised the holy land to the Jews. The answer to that is yes and no. The Jews did have a long time of peacefully occupying the holy land and also managed to overthrow Palestinians, meaning that it is technically a fulfilment. However, you might say that the holy land was promised to the Jews forever. The answer to that is also yes and no. God didn't necessarily promise the holy land to the Jews but he promised it to the descendants of Abraham. This doesn't mean just Jews, it does also include the Arabs. We all know that the Jews came from Isaac, the son of Abraham, but where did the Arabs come from? The answer to that is that the Arabs are all the sons and daughters of Ishmael, the son of Abraham, meaning that the Arabs are also descendants of Abraham. When you take this into account then you have to come to the conclusion that even if the Jews didn't occupy the holy land then the promise of god to Abraham is still fulfilled through the Arabs occupying the holy land.
    In conclusion, the Jews do have the right to exist as the nation of Israel but they can't be in the holy land because they got exiled from there by god, there is already a nation living there, the Jews occupying the holy land would be illegal and they do not need to go there to fulfil a promise of God because it is already fulfilled.

  • The very well do

    The Israeli people arrived and purchased/were given their land. Historically time and again it came under UNPROVOKED attack from surrounding nations and defended itself time and again. Israel agrees and honors the ceasefires it agrees to and honors them no matter what comes there way. That is until civilian injury/damage occurs, when Israeli teens die they have the right to respond.Mfurthermore, Israel takes incredible precautionary measures to avoid civilian casualties such as warming shots and leaflets, if the Hamas (who have no missile defense system or bomb shelters) wanted keep their civilians "safe" then they shouldn't have started an indiscriminate bombing campaign with no regard for human life. It is the facts not the death toll which present the true story of Israel's FULL right to exist.

  • Thievery of Palestinian Land

    Sure historically that land was owned by Jewish people, but those Jewish people decided to migrate to Europe to find new opportunities. And when they left, Arab settlers saw that the land wasn't being used so the country of Palestine was formed. After the horror of the Holocaust was finished, the Jewish population in Europe felt that the needed to be in one country, but their historical home was taken by a people which have been there for centuries. To see what the Israeli people have done to the poor Palestinian people is sickening, the murder of children, the shelling of homes, and the rapid illegal taking of agreed land should let alone inspire nations to end Israel.

  • No Nation Has Ever Had The Right To Exist

    Did the Soviet Union have the right to exist? The question does a nation have the right to exist is absurd. Do Jews think European nations have the right to exist? Israeli Jews are working with European Jews to flood Europe with non-Whites. So Jews don't believe European nations have the right to exist. Why don't Jews encourage millions of Arab Muslims to move to Israel? Because Jews are obnoxious hypocrites.

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  • Palistinians and Jews should co-exist but no under an isreali rule

    Before the occupation, Jews would travel to Jerusalem for pilgrimage. The Jews and palistinians lived in harmony back then. After the holocaust Isreal occupied palistinian land forcing palistinian families out of their country. Today the palistinian a that live under the israeli occupation suffer the same way jewish people did during the holocaust. It's very upsetting to see a group of people who had survived the horrors of persecution during the holocaust to occupy a someone else's land and treat the people the same way they were treated. The palistinians are an innocent people. The israeli people should not persecute them and they should all learn to live in peace like they once did.
    I hope no one misunderstands my statement, I do not in anyway hold antisemitist beliefs as I do not tolerate racism and injustice.

  • Yes they do

    I think that they do have a right to exist, if a man have no right in his own house, how can he have the right in another man house? If a man was force from his own house and was burn out of it, because of some bad war mongers and after a certain time he return, how is it that he should not have the right to return and rebuild his house and live in it peacefully?

  • No Its Been Stolen

    Don't give me any religious justifications. Use your mind and heart. To say that Jewish people claimed it back without force is preposterous. The genocide of Palestinians in modern Israel is horrible. Muslims are not naturally Anti-Semitic. For centuries, they have coexisted with Jews and even helped them, taking them in when they were persecuted. Most people who support Israel are either secular Jews or American Evangelical Christians. Palestinians are killed every day. When will people open their eyes?

  • No They Do Not

    The Jewish people lost any right to the land when they rejected their Messiah, Jesus Christ, and refused to become Christian. God punished them by destroying the Temple and driving them from the land. The Church is the new Israel, Replacement theology is the true doctrine. Anyone who denies that is a material heretic.

  • Not at all!

    Absolutely not! The Jewish people that came to this territory actually do not have a right to be here because these were Jewish people who came from a group known as the Khozars of Turko-Mongolian territory around 740 AD. They are better known as Ashkanazi Jews. These group of people were forced to convert by the King of that territory. Over 100s and 100s of years they were spread throughout Europe. In the 1800s a man by the name of Theodore Herzl, the founder of Zionism, envisioned for Jewish people to have their own land and state. Many of the Jews in Europe came together under this idealogy and decided to start their own state in either Africa, Americas, or Palestine. They decided on Palestine as UN placed them in this territory, they were given borders, fought off the natives and stole their land, and the rest was history to form Israel of today. The only Jews who belong there are the ones who were indiginous to the land and not the ones who migrated from Europe because they have no true Jewish ancestory based on the fact that their real ancestors were converts to Judaism. Before the Zionists ever came, the Palestinian population waas made up of 86% Muslim, 10% Christian, and 4% Jewish. Its those 4% who truly belong to what is today Israel, not the other Jews!

  • No, they do not.

    They have no moral right to have that land, it was illegally partitioned by politicians, and millions of Palestinians were displaced and uprooted, why? Because they said so? Who gave them the right to do that in the first place. They want to deny rights to the Palestinians who were just living on land rightfully theirs, and yet expect everyone to recognize Israels rights. Sounds pretty hypocritical to me, not to mention they keep building illegal settlements and continually defy international opinion. They think the rules don't apply to them. I don't believe Israel should have ever been created in the first place after WW II.

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Quan says2013-06-05T17:40:56.350
So long as we retain the right to wipe them off the map if they choose a path that prohibits coexistence.