Does Israel have the right to fire rockets, and attack Hamas/Gaza

Asked by: Aeroeagle
  • Israel has been bullied for years, and easing up on their attackers is the last thing they can do.

    I cannot remember a time when there hasn't been either a heinous terrorist organization or a vindictive neighboring country that dreams of the moment they violently seize this innocent nation. They have forever been a target. It is not only ignorant, but it is outrageous to direct the blame at Israel rather than the Hamas organization! Yes, it is tragic to look at the number of innocent lives in the Gaza Strip being lost during Israel's defensive campaign, and the number will continue to rise the longer this mess goes on. However, who are we to condemn Israel for simply protecting themselves to the best of their ability? The real problem are those Hamas monsters that the Middle East and the LIBERALS OF AMERICA are supporting and defending. Before Obama's Administration of Disgraceful Timidity, the United States would identify the attacks on our ally (ISRAEL) as a threat and fix the problem. If Obama would grow a pair and make a decision based on courage and heroism, he would put a stop to the Hamas Regime without hesitation rather than SIT AND WATCH and complain about how many innocent lives are being lost by Israel's prolonged self-defense. Solution? Assist Israel in locating and destroying the Hamas Regime as quickly as possible; it is worth risking the provocation of neighboring countries in order to put a stop to innocent people dying on both ends.

  • Yes, every country has to defend itself.

    Israel has a right to exist and to defend itself from emerging threats. Israel, in the beginning of its existence, was bullied by the Arabs and was threatened, like a genocide, by Arabs. After the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict began, Israel has gained enough territories to be recognized by the world, but Arabs wanted their lands back, which strengthens Hamas' support against Israel. We have seen in history where countries or territories attack others for control of lands. Therefore Israel has the right to defend itself, but not in the manner it has undertaken. They should focus on actual targets, then random bombings on places.

  • Hamas puts children on the front line!

    Hamas puts children in front of their point of attack from Israel. Another thing is why is Hamas ok to shoot rockets at Israel when Israel can't return fire? Hamas is a radical Islamic regime. Obama however seems to be blinder than a bat. If he would support our ally known as Israel we could help them in the sea of terror they are living in. Israel is one Jewish country surrounded by a big region of Islamic countries. Islam states that they are a pacifistic country however the radical groups of the area take power and attack opposition to their ideology. The liberals of America support not offending terrorists over protection against terrorists which makes me so mad. Honestly it's terrorism. They don't follow laws why should we worry about offending them. They offend us every day buy taking our flag and burning it. Hamas hates America. Who the hell supports a country that hates your own. I don't get it. People are too brainwashed nowadays and I don't understand how people can be so damn dumb.

  • They are attacking innocent civilians in Gaza, and taking it too far

    Israel attacked Hamas with rockets, and troops. I understand they need to defend themselves, but they shouldn't attack innocent civilians in Gaza who stand by this conflict. Israel has killed over 10,000 people all together in the conflict. Just because Hamas attacked Israel, Israel should attack the civilians. I agree, many Israeli's are being targeted with rockets, however Israel has a system known as the Iron Defense, which protects the Israeli's far much better. Gaza don't have this, so they can't protect themselves from rocket attacks, and as a result many more Palestinians die.

  • No! No! No!

    The Palestinians only want their own country. The Israeli's always say they don't want civilian deaths. But 1,000+ PALESTINIANS have been killed by Israeli rockets and bombs. Also the fact that the Israeli government continually DENIES that they want to kill civilians makes it increasingly likely that they actually DO WANT to kill Palestinian civilians.

  • The question distorts the nature of the conflict as to make any answer to it simplistic, possible redundant.

    Fore sure, is there any question of the just motivation behind the action? No, but. Israel is perfectly in the green defending themselves against a hostile party attacking them; the sufferings of the civilian population on Hamas territory is, however, ignored and worsen needlessly by Israel response to Hamas terrorizing of Israeli civilians.

    Once a possible end existed to the conflict between Israel and Palestine via a two-state solution — which means an end to Hamas attacks. A solution that, now, sadly is thoroughly gelded by bitter conflict and colonization by Israel that this solution is extremely difficult to achieve. One block for Israel acceptance of the two-state solution is that this would demand of Israel to return to the borders drawn before June of 1967, the ceding of colonized land and a certain landmark to Syria. If this would be, maybe, twenty years back in time this would be possible but now I see only thin light for this ever happening. Especially when neither side is willing to admit own faults and one is protected from international demands.

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