• Israel needs everyones help

    The situation in Israel is appalling and deteriorating quickly. The whole world looks to the United States of America for guidance in these situations. There is more than the outcome of the disturbance at stake here. How can the U.S. sit back and not do anything? They have a repuation to think about.

  • Number one friend.

    Yes, Israel needs help from the United States, because Israel is surrounded by enemies on all sides. We need to help Israel because those countries want to push Israel into the sea. We need to continue to affirm Israel's right to exist. We can help Israel a lot in helping them defend themselves from aggressors.

  • They are literally surrounded by enemies

    Jordan, Syria, Palestine, Egypt etc.
    Arab countries undoubtedly hate Israel for the crimes committed in Palestine and the illegal takeover of Palestine. The huge military support of the US was the only thing that kept the State of Israel alive for so many decades, being through multiple wars with its Arab neighbors. Of course, the Arab countries have realized "resistance is futile" and that Palestine is pretty much doomed. If US stops supporting Israel militarily and economically however, its checkmate for the Israelites.
    (Though a war with the Arab nations may not happen, Israel may be coerced to make concessions and the like, also consider that there will be international pressure from countries outside the middle east)

  • It has too many opponents.

    Within the first day of Israel gaining independence, 7 nations, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt, And others all attempted to annihilate the fledgling Jewish state. They failed. Without US and other Western support, This kind of war may happen again, And it may result in the complete and utter destruction of a Nation and it's peoples. We cannot allow this to happen

  • Israel needs help.

    While I agree with Israel needing help from the US, I think the question bears will the US help them. As a country when do we say enough is enough and step back. These countries, including Isreal have problem after problem, war after war. At some point they need to grow up and take care of their own battles.

  • I don't think so.

    I think Israel is a good ally to have, and we should keep that alliance, they are more than capable of handling themselves. They have been to war with the enemies around them, and they were able to best 6 nations single-handedly.

    However, a lot of the tension in that regard had subsided (Egypt has even helped broker peace deals, and Israel has requested them in this round of negotiations). The biggest threat to Israel now is in the form of Islamic Radicalism.

  • The United States needs to focus on issues at home.

    In this country we're in dire straits and I know that Israel is struggling, but we have a bad habit here of delving into the political business everywhere else in order to detract from the work we need to do within our own government. The US needs to stop meddling and fix the poverty crisis here, along with our deficit and healthcare reform issues.

  • They certainly need it, but don't deserve it.

    Israel is an illegitimate nation. The land on which Israel exists was stolen from Palestine through coercion and kept through brutal suppression of independence movements, as well as ethnic cleansing and brutal violence against civilian populations. This is all made possible by continued assistance from the United States and European powers. It's time we withdraw our support, allow Israel to face the consequences of its crimes, and allow so called "Israeli" land to be repossessed by its rightful owners.

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