Does it benefit society for more people to pursue degrees in the creative arts?

  • Creativity is the key factor for advancement.

    'Creative arts' doesn't just mean an art class, But since it's the most prominent one, I'll start with that. During important movements such as Civil Rights, Art was a very popular media. Only the trained eye of an artist could specifically make the audience notice some specific details that otherwise would have been overlooked. It speaks without the use of words. The effect of art during the 40's to 60's? It helped integrate African Americans into modern society. Due to the ambiguity, People can take away very different messages. Instead of enforcing opinions with rods of steel, Art can pack a subtle message, Which in turn packs a powerful punch.

    Now onto other creative arts, Such as writing, Engineering, Architecture, Etc. Creative arts don't just include art, Like I said above. They encourage a lifestyle that prompts people to think out of the box. It's how we change and grow. Society isn't a straight line. If it were, We'd be living in mud brick houses and and eating raw meat. While things such as mathematics and science have allowed us to advance, The creative arts have helped to change. Bit of a difference there. While prestigious degrees have so many benefits, We shouldn't discourage creative arts either.

  • Art is USEFUL.

    Art can benefit a society in many ways. It can improve individual health, psychological well-being, the economy, and in education. The arts can relieve stress and widen and strengthen our social bonds. It can improve our happiness and our life sanctification. The arts can benefit a society in many ways, you just have to be able to see where it benefits a society. Many don't realize that art can benefit a societies economy because of tourism or how a communities image looks like. In education, students can discover skills they previously didn't have and improve their creativity throughout their life. Art has been part of societies for a very long time, there is a reason why we started creating art.

  • the creative arts

    I personally agree,I believe this to be true for a handful of reasons. The first is that whatever can be done in India and China WILL be done in India and China. Any job that can be outsourced eventually will be, from IT to back-office medical or financial work, for a fraction of the cost.

  • Yes, it does.

    The more people out there who create any kind of art, whether i be visual, audio, digital, or not, the more people we will have enjoying said art. Everything is about how appealing something is to someone. A game can have amazing graphics, but if the sound is lacking the user may have a problem. The arts in any form are very important to society.

  • Yes It Does

    I believe the creative arts are very important to a society. If anything art is one of the few results of the middle ages and it really came into its being during the Renaissance. I believe it is important to remember that these arts impact our lives on a daily basis.

  • Art will never help advance human civilizations

    Art has never been apart of the advancement of human technology. Although technology has influenced what art is today. Art has never been anything else than an outlet for humans to express them selves. Art is the biggest waste of time and money any one could think of. If you want to work at McDonalds for the rest of your life get an arts degree. If you want to change the world and help humans progress, gain a qualification in technology, engineering, science or math. Art will never benefit society.

  • Not at all

    No, these types of degrees do not do whole lot for a society. The best degrees are things like doctors and biologists, that can do a lot of good for a society in the ways of advancing medicine and ways to help the humans in their every day lives and things.

  • It doesn't make money.

    No, it does not benefit society for more people to pursue degrees in the creative arts, because creative arts usually do not make a great deal of money. More people need to pursue degrees in science and math, because these are things that can improve technology and that can produce things that people want to buy.

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