Does it bother you when someone speaks a language that isn't English?

Asked by: Zlehn
  • There shouldn't be anything wrong with other languages.

    The only possible reasons one could have to not like hearing other languages is because they are either a) racist, or b) they are insecure and scared that the foreigners are saying bad things about them.
    Hearing other languages offers diversity. It makes you open your eyes and realize that the language you speak is not the only one that exists. Personally I always like hearing people speak other languages. Its pretty incredible if you think about it.

  • A disgrace to all the immigrants that came before.

    This country was not just settled by English speaking nations but French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Italians, Africans, and of course the Spanish. With little exception, all of the other people chose to loose their foreign language in order to fit in better, make communication easier. According to a site I checked out, these are the basic percentages.
    Lanhttp://www.Infoplease.Com/country/united-states.Html?Pageno=2guages spoken in the U.S. 2000
    82% English
    11% Spanish
    This means that even though most of this country was settled by other non-English speaking people, all but 7% total have adapted to speaking English. Of course this is with exception of the Hispanics that for some reason they feel their countries language is more important.
    I know, some of you say that America does not have an official language but with 82% that already speak it, it might as well be.
    My ancestors crossed the ocean from Germany and Holland, entered the country legally at Ellis Island, the came here to escape the horrors that were going on in and around Germany at the time. When their children got home from school, the kids would help the parents learn English. Whenever possible, they spoke English, even in their own home. My, and many other peoples ancestors gave up much of their heritage in order to gain respect as U.S. citizens. It is about time the 11% did so as well.
    Question: Why are some people celebrating a foreign Independence Day? Sure, we helped them gain it but you don't see France celebrating the 4th of July.

  • Why would it?

    I doesn't bother me one bit we should be thanking those Mexicans from the 20 million that live here that haven't learned English that they haven't annexed Texas like the United States did when Mexico told the Americans that lived in Texas to speak Spanish . This country has no official language and if it ever establishes one it should be Spanish!

  • I don't see how it would?

    I don't really see how this could bother somebody. It doesn't bother me that they speak another language, I was born in Hungary and I speak Hungarian with my friends and family all the time but I speak English as well. I don't see the problem in having people speak multiple languages; the immigrants should learn English though. But it really shouldn't bother somebody that somebody hasn't learned English, it is a really difficult language if you have a foreign tongue.

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