Does it concern you that a recent study finds that 26,000 Americans die due to lack of health care?

Asked by: bigdave
  • The fact that lack of health care leads to the death of American citizens is extremely troubling to me.

    The United States is one of the few developed nations that does not have a comprehensive health care program for every citizen who needs it. The new Affordable Health Care program will help somewhat, as did Medicare and Medicaid. However, AHC is so complicated that a person of average or lighter than average intelligence may not be able to understand it and take advantage of it. The United States needs a public health program along the lines of that in place in the United Kingdom and Canada. It's totally reprehensible that people are still dying here for lack of health care, sometimes for simple illnesses that become complicated and fatal over time because of neglect.

  • We are better than this.

    We are a first world country, and a statistic like that should not exist. There is no reason that every American, regardless of their economic situation, should not have access to some of the best medical care available in the world. Those 26,000 annual deaths are one of the reasons I am in full support of the program we now call Obamacare. Health care is not a privilege, it is a fundamental human life.

  • This is lower than those with healthcare.

    Using figures from HHS, we find that 1 in 126 people WITH healthcare will die, while those WITHOUT healthcare only lose 1 in 576. Granted there are many other factors at play, but the Obama administration released the 26,000 number as a way to influence public opinion, when in fact the opposite was true!

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